Murphy’s receives creepy letters and phone calls after hoisting gay pride flag

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66 Responses to Murphy’s receives creepy letters and phone calls after hoisting gay pride flag

  1. Sunnysider

    I think all bars and resteraunts who welcome gay people into their establishment should wave the gay pride flag. That way it will take the pressure off one establishment and see if these idiots who are sending Murphy's mail wil waste their time sending mail to everyone else. Obviously they must be very lonely sad people to have nothing better to do with their time. Also if I was the owner of Murphy's I would get the authorities involved. They gave someone else's phone number which is such a cowardly thing to do. Investigators should speak to the person whose number that s and maybe they can shine a light on who the person s that is doing this.

  2. lucy

    this is beyond.... for what I know this is year 2014, I wonder if that is the same people after the other anti-gay incidents in sunnyside..... pfff and people think its a safe neighborhood

  3. Carly

    That is legit scary.
    But good on Murphy's for not backing down and removing the flag, I'll need to pick up a beer or three sometime this week.

  4. Tequilla Mockingbird

    Very creepy.
    Good on Mike Murphy not to back down in the face of bigoted, intolerant threats.
    Sunnyside is a diverse neighborhood and that's a reflection of the whole country.
    I don't understand why people would be so obsessed and bothered by other people's sexuality if they were secured in their own.

  5. South

    Good for Mike/Murphy's for keeping the flag up.

    How embarrassing that someone would waste their time scribbling creepy notes to a community loving establishment like Murphy's. I do appreciate "Amanda's" use of "breaking" in reference to "her" virginity - so we can assume the suspect is a young, insecure male with a lot of time on his hands.

    I'm with @Carly,

    If anything, this reminds me to head to Murphy's for a drink.

  6. Celtic Bark

    This person clearly has some serious mental issues, although I'm not sure what they are.

    I applaud Murphy for not automatically waving the hate card around on this or using it to smear anyone who might have voiced any reservations about the parade by putting them in the same category as this disturbed person.

    That said, I do think he should alert the police, not that they'll even bother to take a report, but hey.

  7. Marilyn

    Please alert the authorities. Now that it is on this website the person has a platform and it could get worse.

  8. BlissStreetMike

    Looks like I'll be heading to Murphy's for a drink or two, its always good to support a business who stands strong!

  9. BuffaloTom

    Agree whole-heartedly with BlissStreetMike.

    To all those knocking the neighborhood - this type of ignorance happens everywhere. It's still a great neighborhood, and we shouldn't let the lame actions of a few reflect the opinions and values of the majority.

  10. Native NYer

    Mr. Murphy, if you are reading this, please report this to the police. This person sounds like a nut.

    I'll be heading over to Murphy's for a soda.

  11. Yvonne

    Next time when we are in the city,I will be taking my family to Murphy's.Happy your not backing down.

  12. Sunnysideposthatesme14

    You can't fake crazy, that right there is NUTS. hell i'd feel safer with someone straight up yelling some ol fashioned ignorant gay hate but that stuff right there is Buffalo bob , put the lotion on the skin stuff.

    walk in pairs..and arm yourself .

  13. Anonymous

    I bet I know who this is! There is a crazy old man named Anthony who has done this to other establishments in the neighborhood. He uses different names numbers and addresses, but it's always him!

  14. Sophia

    How sad that Sunnyside has become a battleground, but at least we are on the right side of this civil rights struggle. More power to you Murphy! I'll be in for a drink this week to toast you.

  15. Sunnysid-ster

    He could be staging this for free publicity!!

    Mr Murphy - If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... The A-Team ....POW..POW..POW...
    those guys will sort it out!!

  16. atom

    They're here, they're queer...get bored of it.

    How so many people burn so many calories working on intimidating, discriminating and fighting people over something as unimportant as what they do with their genitals in their private life is flabbergasting to me. Hate the gay pride flag? Then stop working on creating a world in which it's necessary to bodly show support for homosexuals! It's in your face because YOU put it there by claiming someone's private business is a public matter!

  17. Casey

    I would like to thank Murphy's for doing this. I almost made the mistake of going there.

    The flag makes a great warning for Christians, let's hope other gay establishments follow his lead.

  18. Patrick Hurley

    Rainbow flag aside. Imposing anything on the Stars and Stripes, is a descretation of the U.S. flag. It's one thing to fly the Rainbow flag but it is quite another to desecrate the U.S. flag. Look at the picture!

  19. Sunnyside Kreegs

    @Casey - Pretty sure Christians preach tolerance and compassion. The flag shows support for a people. It's not a warning of some Sodom and Gomorrah bar for people to avoid. Christianity has become so misguided. It's really sad.

  20. Krissi

    That's bizarre.

    Good on Murphy's though!

  21. SC

    I agree with Atom, The last time i checked the gay flag was not in line with the rest of the flags around the world, don't be a target , don;t make yourself one, and i can't believe you would encourage other businesses to do the same, to prove what exactly. when you enter any establishment do you ave to pull out your gay card for admission. ridiculous, Murphy' s do you. and leave it at that,

  22. pathetic sheep

    I'd start the inquiry, as to the nut sending this crap, in the building that hangs all the homophobic signs on Skillman Ave during the parade. 2nd place I'd look would be the small crew of nut jobs holding up similar signs along the parade route. They are all rather long in the tooth and pushing the envelope as it is, so hurry before they check out.


  23. Ari Fink

    The pride flag is a desperate attempt to invite customers. .The place is empty nightly..I think a white flag would be more appropriate! !!

  24. JaneGrissom

    Pathetic sheep you are very "tolerant" in addition to being an ageist and a sexist.

  25. Plain Spoken

    Jesus would hang at Murphys. Americans might not after seeing the Stars and Stripes altered as Mr. Hurley points out. I didn't see it until he urged me to "look at the picture!"

  26. Luvu2

    Much ado about very little were there real threats? If not move on

  27. Patrick Hurley

    I always enjoyed Murphy's. Nice homely atmosphere. No blaring jukebox so easy to have a conversation over a few drinks. Good music provided by Donie Carroll and other troubadors.

    However, I find the desecration of the Stars n' Stripes to be very offensive. That flag represents all Americans, Gay, straight, black, white, GOP, Democrat etc.. Americans died so that we would have the right to display it. It is above partisanship. Mr. Murphy also equates the Rainbow with the Stars and Stripes and the Irish Tricolor. The latter two are the flags of countries, while the Rainbow is the standard of a partisan agenda.

    I doubt if it's a good idea to mix business with politics. Mr. Murphy has a First Amendment right to fly what ever standard he wants, but decisions have consequences, positive or negative. Taking a stand on an issue - no matter what it is - will antagonize some element, either pro or anti. Perhaps flying the Rainbow on the day of the event was a canny business decision but long term it is a no win.

    Personally, I have no problem with Murphy flying the Rainbow. It is the desecration of the Stars n' Stripes that is offensive.

  28. Luvu2

    Well written pat and if this is a bar for all why fly the gay pride flag?

  29. Eilish

    So sex is more important than all else

    As is the LGBT bullying

    No one is preventing LGBT folks from taking part in st Patricks day events
    Some do limit the effort to force the POLITICAL agenda during what is both a CULTURAL EVENT and a religious day.

    Putting that flag up as if as meaningful as NATIONAL flags is a sign of pure ignorance

  30. Aaron

    Murphy's is a great spot! Outstanding food and great atmosphere. The design inside is simply incredible. I was very disappointed to read about the "creepy mail" Mr Mike had received. Some people have too much time on their hands.


    Not for nothing but from reading the comments it looks like theres a lot of folks heading to murphys for a drink . Rainbow flag , hate mail , phone calls , sounds like a great marketing ploy to me , if it were not reported on here would all the folks who made comments be heading over there , doubt it .
    never been to murphys but I sure remember the brandywell at 5am on a sunday back in the day .!!!!!!

  32. PJE056

    Mr. Patrick Hurley has it perfectly right. Although Mike Murphy has the right to fly any flag he likes without any form of harassment, disrespecting and desecrating our American flag is wrong and is imposing on my beliefs and rights. I would never deface your flags why must you do that to the only flag that represents all our freedoms and rights? That is just as disgusting and shameful as any of the discrimination you all are bitching about.

  33. Sunnysider

    I think mike Murphy should have given more thought to hanging our most important flag than he gave to hanging the "other" flag.

  34. Oil. Beef, Hooked

    How many countless millions of people in history have been killed over silly flags? Maybe it's time to stop marching behind them, whatever they are.

  35. More Champagne for Lulu

    Still some discrimination going around in some hypocrite comments.

    The values of this country and what the flag ultimately stands for, is

    "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

    You can't cherry pick who gets more rights than others based on you religious views and disguise that as patriotism.

    Spend more time thinking about what the flag really represents and less time thinking about the cloth itself.

  36. Micky

    A sad pathetic stunt,you should be ashamed of yourself Micheal.

  37. radbaha

    Patrick Hurley is a notorious, longtime anti-gay hater and GOP apologist.

    I find his use of the term 'desecration' deeply offensive. How dare he suggest that gay people are unworthy of God's love?

    There's room in Sunnyside for everyone. What this New York Post reading maroon doesn't understand is that he's the desecration, not the locals.

  38. pathetic sheep

    JaneGrissom, I am just staing facts. 1. The people holding the signs ARE very old. 2. The signs they hold up equating homosexuality with kiddie porn/rape shows them to be crazy. There is nothing 'sexist' about that post. Maybe you can do your part for the community and round them up, educate them on tolerance, bringing them forward to the 21st Century.


  39. Artsy Fartsy

    It wasn't a very bright idea to mash up the American flag and the rainbow one.

    So the rainbow flag is supposed to mean that gay people are welcome at Murphy's. Ok.

    So, what about any other groups? Shouldn't there now be a Star of David flag flying over the bar so that Jews can be assured that they are welcome, a Dominican flag for Dominicans, a flag with an Islamic crescent so that Muslims know their patronage is appreciated? How are Albanians, for example, going to know it's okay for them to drink there unless their flag is represented as well? I don't see the Vatican flag hanging so I'll just have to assume Catholics aren't welcome.

    Once you get into identity politics or pandering to one group, things get messy.

  40. Artsy Fartsy

    @Pathetic sheep

    On the one hand you are extolling the virtue of "tolerance" and at the same time suggesting it's time to "round them up" meaning people whose opinions you on homosexuality disagree with.

    FYI The darkest periods of history usually start with groups of people being rounded up.

  41. Strongstaff

    @ Pathetic Sheep

    No matter what you say, it is clear to us all you don't like old people with views that are different from yours.

    Believe it or not, they have a right to have lived as long as they have and should be respected for the wisdom they have earned, not for what you perceive as their failure to be up to date. A lot of things that were up-to-date in the past are now seen as hopelessly foolish.

    But it never goes out of date in America for us to allow every voice to be heard. We don't have to listen or to agree, but everyone has a right to speak up.

    Grow up, learn to live with difference.

  42. HereistheTruth

    desecrating our American flag?

    The rainbow flag which has become the international symbol of gay and lesbian rights and the American Rainbow flag which is the symbol of American LGBT. It was designed by a college group and is NOT an desecrated Stars and stripes but an adaption of the flag with it's own meaning and design.

    Please get to know the American Flag (it is not any flag with stars or stripes nor is any flag with red white and blue on it) .

    It has 50 white stars on a blue square and 13 red and white stripes.

    Other flags that may be similar BUT NOT the American flag is the American LGBT, the Flag of Liberia, Malaysia, Chile, Cuba. The Grand Union Flag, Puerto Rico and the States of Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Texas. Those are only the ones with stars and stripes in red white and blue there is a longer list for just colors or just patterns.

    Learn what is proper respect. The American flag is suppose to hang on the center of any other displayed flag. It is suppose to be taken down nightly and kept dry from rain and snow. It appears from the photo that the American flag is positioned so that it can be treated properly while the other flags have been left out in the elements.

    Desecration of the flag would include stepping on, tearing, ripping, writing on, sewing patches on, lighting on fire, leaving out to the elements, etc.

    In this case flying the American flag with the American rainbow flag and the Irish flag is NOT desecration. It is a choice. And although traditionally the American Flag should be hung higher a the CARE of the flag is more important than it's height.

    Patriotically, Murphys is more than fine.

  43. Plain Spoken


    If you had average reading comprehension skills you would have noticed that Mr, Hurley was stating that ANY change to the Stars and Stripes was a"desecration." He made no anti-gay remarks. Doofus.

  44. HereistheTruth

    @Artsy Fartsy

    The flag were hung for St Patricks day celebrations says the article they are staying up in part in response to feedback

    Queens is the only parade that is all inclusive. It welcomes homosexuals to march (hench the Rainbow flag) It is an American (hench the American flag) and Irish Celebration so I don't see the reason for any other flags.

    Jews? not really a jewish parade, nor is it a Dominican one, nor is Albanian. Associating Muslims with St Paddy's might be more than a little offensive to the very religious.

    And the Vatican Flag is not a Catholic Flag. It is the Flag of the City which has it's own governing body and army. It does not represent the religion BUT the city of the Vatican it's independence.

    It is a bar after all, and a restaurant. Hanging a cross may not be bring in the drinkers it really wants to attract. So I'm thinking any religious symbols are out, Reminding people of temperance while trying to get them to buy a round is counter productive.

  45. HereistheTruth

    Including the LGBT american flag was wonderful for the parade. Showing support to the homosexuals in the community and saying that people should be treated equal is Great and commendable.

    Now take the flag down.

    It's no longer St Paddys, While Murphy's is an American Irish Bar is not a gay bar and honestly is strikes at milking a good act for profit.

    f you want to show that you welcome all kind of people then just show them. Treat them better than some of the other Irish establishments in the neighborhood. If you want to show you support Gay rights or for that matter everyone's rights then hang the posters that are appropriate for the time of year. For example. Pro gay marriage during voting season.

    Hanging a rainbow flag signals to people that you are a gay bar/restaurant, something that you are not. (unless their is a change?)

    Just be who you are and let that stand for itself without the misdirection.

  46. HereistheTruth

    There not Their. Let that be the only typo I correct....otherwise this site will be buried in posts.

  47. why

    Whyare so manycommenters homophobic?

  48. Patrick Hurley

    Notwithstanding the demonstrated inability to grasp simple verbiage, the cowardly hurling of falsities, insults and invective from behind the anonymity of a pseudonym demeans oneself and discredits one's cause. It is hardly consistent with the quest for "tolerance".

  49. Luvu2

    Pat Hurley is correct

  50. HereistheTruth

    @PH ohh how fancy. except Insults and Invective is a redundant statement.

    One accidental falsehood by me. The flag can be hung at night but only with a spotlight on it. I was corrected by my brother. In my defense our flag pole never had a spotlight and no member of my family would of ever left it out at night for fear it rained while we slept.

    I suspect you purposely lied about desecration, since you clearly identified the LGBT flag for what it was. You most likely know what desecration covers and what it doesn't and knew perfectly well that adaption of a flag is not desecration.

    Truth is not about tolerance. it is about education through which you gain freedom and beauty. Truth is about choice and the fact you chose to use the American flag as a scapegoat to place Murphy's in a bad light is abhorrent. At the least you deflected from the issue. Like what I call myself or anyone's user name is a deflection from the facts and the issue.

    Murphy's is getting crank calls, letters etc for exercising it's freedom of expression. period. That freedom should be protected. Period.

    America is not now nor has it ever been about tolerance. America is about freedom. We should and do support and fight for the freedom of others as well as ourselves.

    especially after learning (if you didn't know) the flag is being handled properly or at least the picture shows no mishandling of the flag. There should be no issue with Murphy's if you are treated well as a customer and you are not anti-gay.

  51. HereistheTruth

    @LuvU2. The American LGBT flag was able to hang in more than one public building including Government buildings because it is NOT a desecration by law or really the flag code.

    This upset one Louisiana congress man so much that in 2013 he wrote a bill stating "no non governmental flags can hang on government flag poles" in order to ban the LGBT flag (both American and international) from government property. The wording of the bill was considered "unconstitutional" (not a legal verdict) by some and was killed. The bill may be reworded and reissued. (in fact it may have already been reworded and reissued)

    but legally and in the eyes of the current law, Flag code (international and national) and government, the American LGBT flag is a non-governmental, non desecration adaption of the flag that is perfectly with in someone's right to fly where ever freedom of speech is a right. I believe that covers Skillman.

    Feeling against it are fine. Hate the LBGT flag? Go for it. Stating something is a fact when it isn't is wrong.

    Pat is wrong about it being desecration. Although he is right about Murphy's having a nice homey atmosphere.

  52. Luvu2

    The intolerant one is pathetic sheep who does not like the elderly

  53. liz

    Homophobic??? In the words of Mogan Freeman "it's not a phobia, you are not scared , you are an a$$hole" ...and Please!!! Murphys doesn't need a publicity stunt, then serve the best liquor in the neighborhood and the best prices ....

  54. Patrick Hurley

    “(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any

    Opining, pontificating and speculating is one thing is one thing but there is always official regulations.

  55. 43rd & 43rd

    Indeed, the American flag in the picture has nothing on/attached to it.

    Thanks to Murphy's. It's hard to say where in the neighborhood I can feel comfortable bringing people I'm dating. Good to know that if any customers take issue with it, Murphy's will presumably have our back.


    careful now ...

  57. HereistheTruth


    The only thing you know about the elderly is that they are survivors. They deserve respect for that alone.

  58. Celtic Bark

    If you are a bar that welcomes everyone, then just welcome everyone and stop obsessing about flags.

  59. JaneGrissom

    We respect the elderly: pathetic sheep and his pals do not. Learn how to read!

  60. HereistheTruth

    @JaneGrissom. I was agreeing with Luvu2 not arguing with her by stating just one reason the elderly deserve respect. I have more....

  61. HereistheTruth

    @PH Thank you and the American flag isn't.

  62. Patrick Hurley

    There are two U.S. flags in the picture:

    (1) The one hanging up - on the eagle headed pole, which is for the Stars n' Stripes only and on the correct side for the Stars n' Stripes only, has been defaced and obviously is in non - compliance with protocol.

    (2) The one drooping in the interior of the premises is displayed disrespectfully and in non compliance with protocol.

  63. Reality Calling

    Just read the PDF, and as far as I can tell the LGBT flag is not breaking any par tof the guide -- also there is a premise to say that the LGBT flag isn't a true American flag but is instead a derivative art, and it's own thing. If thats that case then that whole guide is thrown out the window in it's use except when it's displayed with a real US flag.

    As for the large flag on the cross stake, it's fine once it's been realigned straight.

  64. Reality Calling

    straight being horizontal... (no pun intended).

  65. 43rd & 43rd

    The flag on the eagle-headed staff is clearly not an American flag even though it has one element in common. It's a different flag, in the same way that the Puerto Rican flag is not a defaced American flag.

    If you want to inform American businesses about the Flag Code in general, by all means, but let's hope you do so fairly and equally. Perhaps you could start with everyone's flag car magnets? Or picket Old Navy for their flag T-shirts?

  66. Gene

    Sunnyside is full of homophobic jerks! Let's wake up and smell the coffee! Get over yourself Sunnyside your not that frigging serious so please stop hating! Your all full of crap. Get over yourselves. It's really not that serious! Grow the F up!


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Snow, costumes and politics all on display at St. Pat’s for All Parade


March 2, By Christian Murray

Kids from the Bronx, gay activists and even a horse, all turned out in the snow for The St Pat’s for All Parade in Sunnyside/Woodside on Sunday.

The parade, yet again, took on a very political flavor this year—with Mayor Bill de Blasio and several city council members all noting that they would boycott the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Fifth Avenue again this year unless it is more inclusive of gay groups.

There were more snowflakes than shamrocks this year and attendance was down from previous years. Nevertheless the message about equality and human rights came through loud and clear.

“This is what pride is all about,” de Blasio told the crowd at the beginning event. “Pride in the city, pride in everyone’s heritage and pride in being whatever you want to be.”

De Blasio said this parade “celebrates Irish heritage no matter who you are,” while the Fifth Avenue parade is not open to all. While one LGBT group, Out@NBCUniversal, has been approved to march in the Fifth Avenue parade, de Blasio said that it was not enough. He said he is hopeful that more gay groups will be included by the time the March 17 takes place.

Several other politicians echoed the mayor’s sentiments.

“We will continue to stand up and make sure that the bigger parade on Fifth Avenue is more inclusive,” said Melissa Mark-Viverito, the council speaker, who also said that she and the city council would not attend unless all groups could attend.

However, the parade did include members of the horse-drawn carriage industry who were there to protest de Blasio’s plan to put them out of business–based on animal rights. Signs were placed in store windows along Skillman Avenue in support of the industry—which has a deep link to the Irish community.

De Blasio, at the end of the event, acknowledged that the contentious horse-drawn carriage bill would be subject to a vigorous debate.

There were also some attendees who expressed displeasure about the Mayor’s proposal to build on Sunnyside Yards.

The mayor acknowledged he had heard attendees voice their concern about the Yards along the parade route, reported Capitol New York.

However, it “opens an opportunity for a huge amount of affordable housing so people can continue to live in Queens, many of whom are being forced out right now by rising prices,” de Blasio told Capitol New York.


Among this year’s participants were the Niall O’Leary School of Irish Dancers, who performed classic Irish jigs.

The pipe bands and traditional Irish musicians added to the Irish authenticity of the event; so, too, did an Irish language school and all the Irish flags. Even the local Sunnyside dog group, SUDSMUTS, marched, with their dogs dressed in an assortment of green regalia.

At the same time, there were also several children’s groups marching under a multitude of banners, such as the Shannon Gaels and the Marching Cobras.

A plethora of gay groups were also out in force. Among them were the Lesbian and Gay Democrats of Queens and the Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee.

By George Burles


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Irish Music Festival takes place tomorrow–following parade

NEW Poster - Irish Music Festival 2015_JPEG

Feb. 28, By Christian Murray

The St Pat’s for All Parade takes place on Skillman Avenue tomorrow and upon its conclusion many marchers and spectators are likely to head over to Queens Blvd. to participate in the third annual Sunnyside Irish Music Festival.

The festival, which officially starts at 3:00pm, is likely to draw hundreds of party goers to 11 neighborhood bar/restaurants, all located on or near Queens Blvd between 40th and 48th Streets.

In a coordinated effort, each venue will have live Irish music.

Fiddlers, accordion players, pipers, Irish dancers and guitarists will be performing throughout the neighborhood. Some pubs will have four-piece bands and others will have solo acts.

Each bar will have drink specials. Some bars will also offer authentic Irish food.

For a full list of bars/venues see below:

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At the council level, Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer would have the ultimate say.

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Borough President Melinda Katz

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At the October community board meeting, Queens residents became more aware of Katz’ position when former CB2 chairman Joe Conley said that he had been in discussions with her about building over the Yards. He then called on the board to write a letter to Katz calling for a feasibility study.

While many members of the board were caught off guard by Conley’s request, they were eventually swayed by him and voted in favor of sending Katz the letter.

Conley was then subject to heavy criticism for requesting the letter.

These letters are often used by public officials and city planners to move ahead with studies—allowing them to claim they have the community’s support. For example, Conley’s letter last year calling for affordable housing in Queens Plaza was cited as a reason why city planners are studying the area for a potential up zoning.

Katz is well versed in city real estate matters. She had worked at the law firm Greenberg Traurig from 2009-2012, where she was a land use adviser for real estate companies. She took that position after being a city council member from 2002-2009, where she chaired the land use committee.

On Feb. 10, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in his State of the City address that he wanted to build 11,250 units above Sunnyside Yards, which received a frosty reception from western Queens leaders.

Katz, meanwhile, was publicly advocating for it. At the Queens Chamber of Commerce annual breakfast meeting Feb. 17, she said:

“We need to figure out how to utilize the property in a good way and I think housing is a great way,” reported the Queens Chronicle that covered the event. “Figuring out how to pay for it is the follow-up. … But it needs to be done carefully and it needs to be done in tandem with the community.”

De Blasio then announced last week that the city’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) sought a consulting firm to undertake a one-year study to determine whether building over the Yards is feasible. The administration is seeking requests for proposal from firms that would essentially provide recommendations.

“This is the first step in understanding whether development of the Sunnyside Yards is possible, and what it can contribute to the city and surrounding communities,” de Blasio said in a statement.

Katz’ spokeswoman, in an e-mail Tuesday wrote: “This feasibility study is a step in the right direction, and Borough President Katz looks forward to engaging community input.”

The e-mail also said: “Borough President Katz recognizes that potential development above the Sunnyside Rail Yards is attractive given the current growth and development throughout Long Island City and western Queens.”

However, western Queens leaders have been alarmed by the plan.

CatherineNolan-250x250Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan was quick to announce that she had ‘grave concerns ’ about the plans. State Sen. Mike Gianaris was essentially against it—by saying only if it had community support, while Van Bramer continued to argue that the infrastructure would not be able to cope with it.

Nolan also said in a statement that such development would have “the potential to tremendously damage the middle class quality of life of our western Queens communities.”

Nolan then announced that she had hired local attorney Ira Greenberg on a part time basis to monitor de Blasio’s plan and to work with agencies, residents and other parties to make sure the community’s voice is heard.

State Sen. Mike Gianaris sent out a mailing to his constituents recently, which said that the building of new housing units should be secondary to meeting the community’s existing infrastructure needs.

Van Bramer, who has told the mayor that he supports the concept of affordable housing, has expressed doubts as to whether it should be in western Queens. He has consistently been saying that area is already in need of schools and parks—and continues to discuss the poor performing No. 7 train.

He said the Queensboro Plaza/Court Square area is likely to be rezoned that will bring affordable housing as well an influx of people.

“We have are a lot of challenges that we face today,” Van Bramer said at a recent civic association meeting, “let alone with a 100,000 more people.”

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Mardi Gras bar crawl planned for Skillman Avenue Saturday
Costumes from 2014 event

Costumes from 2014 event

Feb. 27, By Michael Florio

Skillman Ave. will never be confused with Bourbon St. but this Saturday it will be alive with the sights, sounds and tastes of the Big Easy.

Nine Skillman Avenue establishments have organized the third annual Mardi Gras Bar & Restaurant Hop, which starts at 3:00 pm and goes late into the evening.

The event comes well after the official Feb. 17 Mardi Gras date. However, the bars will be sticking to the New Orleans traditions of beads, jazz and Cajun food.

Party goers are being asked to register at the Copper Kettle, located on the corner of Skillman Ave. and 51nd St., between 3:00 and 6pm. By registering, attendees will be able to get half-price beer specials.  The cost to register is $5, which will go to the local food pantries.




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No. 7 train is down for St. Pats for All parade


Feb. 26, By Michael Florio

Two thousand participants—and countless spectators—are not enough to sway the MTA to keep the No. 7 train running this Sunday for the ‘St Pats for All’ parade.

The MTA is doing track work this weekend and the No. 7 train will not be operating between Times Square-42nd Street and 74th Street, from 12:30 AM Saturday through 4:30 AM Mon.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and parade organizers have been calling on the MTA to postpone the work and to keep to its regular weekend schedule.

The MTA, however, claims that the parade doesn’t draw enough riders for it to postpone its track work.

“We looked at ridership during the parade from the past few years and it does not draw enough to warrant postponing the work,” Kevin Ortiz, an MTA spokesman, said.

Brendan Fay and Kathleen Walsh D’Arcy, co-chairs of the parade, were very disappointed with the MTA’s decision since many participants rely on the 7-train to get to the event.

“There are groups from all over the city now trying to figure out how to get to the parade,” Fay said. “People are very frustrated.”

7subway1The pair was hoping the MTA would reschedule service as it had done so for the Lunar New Year parade in Flushing.

Walsh D’Arcy said that it might reduce the number of attendees. Nevertheless, “I think most people will find other ways to the parade,” she said. “But it will be an inconvenience and costly.”

Van Bramer was clearly upset with the MTA.

“I’ve asked the MTA to suspend their work this weekend and allow the thousands who want to participate in this very important event to do so,” Van Bramer told NY1 Wednesday. “And they’ve said ‘No.’”

“They [the MTA] have made exceptions for other parades and culture events–it makes no sense. The MTA consistently fails the people of Western Queens.”

However, Ortiz said the Lunar parade generates ridership that the St. Pat’s for All parade simply cannot match.

“The Lunar parade brings ridership in the thousands and this parade is a couple of hundred,” he said.

Ortiz said parade goers can use alternative routes such as the Q32 and Q60 bus to the start of the parade. They can also take the R-train to 46th Street and jump on the Q104 bus.

Fay said that several participants have told him they plan on taking the LIRR to 61st Street, while others will take shuttle buses.

Walsh D’Arcy said she thinks many people will now drive, taking up a lot of neighborhood parking spaces.


Parade Date: Sunday, March 1

Time: Speeches at 1pm; parade starts at 2pm

Starts: Corner of 43rd Street/Skillman Avenue

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Maggie Mae’s reopens today after extensive upgrade

Maggie-Maes1Feb. 26, By Christian Murray

Maggie Mae’s, the well known bar located at 41-15 Queens Blvd, reopens at 5:00 pm today after being closed for renovations for nearly a month.

The bar closed for construction on Feb. 1, and its owners have rebuilt much of the interior with 1800s reclaimed wood.

New floors have been put down. A new bar has been built, alongside new timber seats and tables.

“I just came in as an owner /partner last month and felt it was time for a revamp and I like the rustic look,” said James Moore, the former manager at Maggie Mae’s who now co-owns it with Sean Sorohan. “The neighborhood is also changing–there are a lot of new people coming to the area.”

The renovation is still not 100 percent complete but Moore said he is ready to reopen.


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New CB2 chair to roll out updated website, will provide access to public documents


Feb. 25, By Christian Murray

Community Board 2 is in the midst of overhauling its website, as it aims provide residents with greater access to public documents.

The updated website will be much more comprehensive and is expected to be ready by spring. The public will have access to documents that deal with land use matters among others.

Pat O’Brien, the newly elected Community Board chair, said that he intends to upload as many documents as possible so the public is better informed.

“Any document that is public, we aim to put it out there,” O’Brien said. “I want people to know the facts so we can have a more informed discussion.”

He said that he plans to upload older documents in order to build archives. However, he said that will take time and resources are limited.

The board plans to create a Facebook page later this year that will be used to inform people of public meetings and events.

O’Brien said that his first priority, however, is getting the site ready.


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Precinct unites lost dog with owner through Twitter


Feb. 24, By Michael Florio

The 108 Precinct was introduced to Twitter late last year– and today it was the tool that was used to unite a lost dog with its owner.

This morning officers found a dog–named Snowy– near Queens Boulevard and 46th Street and used twitter to track down the owner.
“#lostdog found around QB & 46thst this morning around 7 am help us find the owner,” the tweet said, along with the photo of the dog.

Five hours later the 108 Precinct took to Twitter and noted that it had reunited Snowy with its owner thanks to its Twitter followers.

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Maggie Mae’s reopens today after extensive upgrade
Maggie-Maes1Feb. 26, By Christian Murray Maggie Mae’s, the well known bar located at 41-15 Queens Blvd, reopens at 5:00 pm today after being closed for renovations for nearly a month. The bar closed for construction on Feb. 1, and its owners have rebuilt much of the interior with 1800s reclaimed wood. New floors have been put down. A new bar has been built, alongside new timber seats and tables. “I just came in as an owner /partner last month and felt it was time for a revamp and I like the rustic look,” said James Moore, the former manager at Maggie Mae's who now co-owns it with Sean Sorohan. “The neighborhood is also changing--there are a lot of new people coming to the area.” The renovation is still not 100 percent complete but Moore said he is ready to reopen.  
New CB2 chair to roll out updated website, will provide access to public documents
Community-Board-21 Feb. 25, By Christian Murray Community Board 2 is in the midst of overhauling its website, as it aims provide residents with greater access to public documents. The updated website will be much more comprehensive and is expected to be ready by spring. The public will have access to documents that deal with land use matters among others. Pat O’Brien, the newly elected Community Board chair, said that he intends to upload as many documents as possible so the public is better informed. “Any document that is public, we aim to put it out there,” O’Brien said. “I want people to know the facts so we can have a more informed discussion.” He said that he plans to upload older documents in order to build archives. However, he said that will take time and resources are limited. The board plans to create a Facebook page later this year that will be used to inform people of public meetings and events. O’Brien said that his first priority, however, is getting the site ready.  
Precinct unites lost dog with owner through Twitter
doglost Feb. 24, By Michael Florio The 108 Precinct was introduced to Twitter late last year-- and today it was the tool that was used to unite a lost dog with its owner. This morning officers found a dog--named Snowy-- near Queens Boulevard and 46th Street and used twitter to track down the owner. "#lostdog found around QB & 46thst this morning around 7 am help us find the owner," the tweet said, along with the photo of the dog. Five hours later the 108 Precinct took to Twitter and noted that it had reunited Snowy with its owner thanks to its Twitter followers.
Poll: Residents may face hefty toll to use Queensboro Bridge, along with others
QueensboroFeb. 23, By Michael Florio A proposed plan that would charge commuters a toll for using the Queensboro bridge—and three other New York City bridges--was put forward last week by an advocacy group that includes the former NYC traffic commissioner. MoveNY, a group comprised of traffic experts, research planners and eco-friendly non-profit firms, claims the tolls would lower traffic congestion and raise funds for the MTA. Under the proposal, workers who commute to Manhattan via the Queensboro Bridge each day would have to pay about $60 a week. The tolls would also be placed on the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. The toll on these four bridges would cost $5.54 each way if paid by E-ZPass and $8 each way for other drivers. There wouldn’t be a toll booth. Instead there would be a sensor that would charge E-ZPass drivers as they go over the bridge. For those without E-ZPass, a camera would take a photo of people’s license plates and they would receive a bill in the mail, according to Bart Robbett, Communications Advisor with MoveNY. The tolls on other MTA bridges—such as the Triborough and Whitestone-- would be lowered $2.50 each way. However, there are benefits for having a toll on the Queensboro Bridge for western Queens residents, Robbett said. For one, there would be fewer vehicles exiting the Grand Central Parkway and driving through residential neighborhoods to get to the bridge. “There would be fewer people going out of their way to get on the free bridge,” Robbett said. “These people are causing problems for [Western Queens] neighborhoods, by adding to the traffic.” “There would be less traffic at places such as Queens Plaza,” he said, where people start jockeying for position to get over the bridge. “They will have to pay, but they will see benefits,” he said. Samuel Schwartz, a former New York City Traffic Commissioner, developed the proposal after his research found that the streets near the free bridges were congested. The bridges with tolls, he found, had far less congestion. In addition to easing traffic congestion, MoveNY claims the new plan would generate $1.5 billion in revenue per year, which would go toward maintaining, expanding and modernizing the transit system and improving city bridges and roads. “I know we can do better — better with traffic flow, reducing traffic crashes and fatalities, and being fairer to drivers [who use other MTA bridges], especially in the outer parts of the city,” Schwartz said. State legislators would have to pass the proposal, since the state oversees the MTA.  
Sunnyside graffiti vandal blankets neighborhood with tag
43rd Avenue, 43rd Street

43rd Avenue, 43rd Street

Feb. 23, By Christian Murray A graffiti vandal has been targeting the walls of Sunnyside spraying his tag SBR all over stores on 42nd Street, 43rd Street and 44th Street. The police are following up on it; Sunnyside Shines has been struggling to clean it; and Jimmy Van Bramer’s office has been brought into the loop. The likely perpetrator of these tags goes under fictitious Facebook handle Esayebeare Bereal, where he showcases some of his work. Despite his false name, he has many friends who follow his posts. The owner of an establishment on 43rd Street described the graffiti as "childish and ridiculous." “I don’t know what people get out of it? Some sort of high,” he said, without giving his name out of concern that his store might get tagged next. “I don’t know whether writing an article about him will encourage him, stop him or even help lead to his arrest,” the owner said. Esayebeare Bereal engaged in a Facebook chat with the Sunnyside Post last week (see full transcript below), where he admitted to doing it and said he does it to be famous. He said that he was raised in Sunnyside and admitted to tagging under the name SBR, which is not affiliated with a street gang or group. He was not prepared to be interviewed over the phone out of fear that he would get "locked up." He targets 42nd and 43rd Street, he said, since he knows people who live there. However, in the messages, he said that he is thinking about easing up on 43rd Street. "I'm done with 43rd street to many yuppies complaining about sunnyside. But they wasn"t here when it was a bad neighorhood." However, his work has annoyed many, including Sunnyside Shines. “It is frustrating that one individual is so intent on destroying small business property in our neighborhood,” said Rachel Thieme, the director of Sunnyside Shines. “We’re very much aware of the graffiti situation in Sunnyside right now, and are coordinating closely with Council Member Van Bramer’s office and the 108th Precinct, as well as our graffiti removal vendor to ensure graffiti is removed as soon as possible.” The freezing weather, however, has slowed down efforts to clean up the graffiti, Thieme said. Nevertheless, when Sunnyside Shines was able to clean off the graffiti outside Café Bene (42nd and Queens Blvd) recently, Esayebeare Bereal struck back again days later. Esayebeare Bereal argues that he is capable of doing quality artwork but is fearful of getting caught by the police and said that paint is expensive. Most don’t appreciate his graffiti in any form-- viewing it as nothing more than vandalism. .

Transcript of Facebook chat by sunnysidepost

. graffiti6

43rd Street and Queens Boulevard. Former Dime Bank

. graffi3

43rd and Queens Blvd (former Dime Bank)


Sunnyside Shines cleaned his tag and then shortly after it reappeared (42nd Queens Blvd)

IMG_0094 . graffi5

42nd Street (near Queens Blvd)

. graffi1

43rd Street and 43rd Avenue

Barnett Ave., 43rd Street

Barnett Ave., 43rd Street

. 44th Street

44th Street (by Queens Blvd)

Possible tagg

Possible tag

. 43rd and 43rd

43rd (near Skillman Ave.)

. EuropeanEatMeat

43rd Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd Street)


Facebook Page

NYP: DeBlasio plows ahead with Sunnyside Yards plan
PRR-Sunnyside-Yard_viewW-1955_ArtHunekeFeb. 21, NY Post Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving ahead with the plan to develop the Sunnyside rail yards, according to the New York Post. On Friday — 17 days after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the yards were off-limits — the city’s Economic Development Corporation issued a public notice seeking a yearlong feasibility study of the nearly 200-acre site. De Blasio proposed building 11,250 units of affordable apartments over the rail yards as a major initiative in his State of the City speech — only to be shot down within hours by Cuomo, who insisted the MTA needs the property for other uses. “It is not available for any other use in the near term,” Cuomo said in a statement immediately after de Blasio's State of the City Speech. But the mayor on Friday said it’s full speed ahead. “This is a tremendous opportunity to deliver on our vision of a more affordable city and smart development that responds to the needs of surrounding neighborhoods,” he said, calling the pending study only a “first step.” City Hall officials said the study will focus on the 113 acres owned by Amtrak — which is cooperating with the city — and another 44 acres where the land is owned by the MTA but the air rights belong to the city For the full story, please click here
Maggie Mae’s is undergoing a big makeover
Maggie-Maes1Feb. 20, By Christian Murray Maggie Mae’s, a well known bar located at 41-15 Queens Blvd, is undergoing a major revamp. The interior is being rebuilt from top to bottom with 1800s reclaimed wood from Pennsylvania. New floors are being put down. A new bar has been built, alongside new timber seats and tables. The bar closed for construction the day after the Super Bowl (Feb. 1) and its owners are planning on reopening it on Feb. 28. “I just came in as an owner /partner last month and felt it was time for a revamp and I like the rustic look,” said James Moore, the former manager at Maggie Mae's who now co-owns it with Sean Sorohan. “The neighborhood is also changing--there are a lot of new people coming to the area.” One of the walls has been removed and now the red brick that was behind it is exposed. Meanwhile, the popcorn ceiling is gone, and the old timber beams show through. The pool table and the duke box are gone for good. The games of beer pong will be no longer. And there will be just three TVs. The owners are also putting in a kitchen, which will begin serving food this summer. The menu is not expected to be extensive but items such as burgers, fish and chips will be served. This summer, the outside and front-door entrance will change significantly. There will be floor to ceiling windows and a whole new exterior sign. In the interim, the sign will change and the outside will be painted a different color. Moore said that the bar will have 18 beer lines when it reopens, with several craft beer options. Maggie Mae’s is also upgrading its large downstairs area that is typically used for parties. That space too is being rebuilt with 1800s reclaimed wood.
James Moore and Sean xx

James Moore and Sean Sorohan

. Maggie Mae's inside
Aluminaire House is wanted: Mayor of Palm Springs plans to bring it there
Aluminaire-HouseFeb. 19, By Christian Murray Sunnyside’s trash is about to become another city’s treasure. The 1931 Aluminaire House, which was going to be erected on the corner of 39th Avenue and 50th Street, is being transported to Palm Springs. The mayor of Palm Springs is a big supporter of relocating it there and has started a fundraising drive in order to do so, according to The Desert Sun. The structure appeared headed to Sunnyside Gardens, where architects in 2013 planned to build eight residential units behind the aluminum house on the former Phipps playground. The house was designed in 1931 and is deemed to be of architectural significance. It was designed to explore how materials like aluminum could be used to build low-cost housing. However, Sunnyside residents rejected the plan—and the house--and believed that the showpiece was out of character with the existing red-brick homes in the landmarked neighborhood. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, at the landmarks hearing that decided whether it could go up in the neighborhood, said that more than 350 people had contacted his office in opposition to the proposal, with only five voicing their support. State Sen. Mike Gianaris, at the same meeting, said: “I’ve been in public service for 13 years and I have seen community boards discuss all sort of things…but I have not seen such uniform opposition as with this project.” The Landmarks Commission rejected the plan in January 2014. However, the aluminum structure is very much wanted in Palm Springs. The Mayor of Palm Springs has raised $200,000 of the $600,000 needed to bring it there in just one month. The funds are needed to be transported the home, which is in a crate, and reassemble it. At a recent $250 per-person fundraiser to bring the structure to Palm Springs, the mayor of that city reportedly said: “If you have a product, that is an incredible product, people want to be a part of it. Hopefully, a year from now, we'll be having one heck of a party in downtown Palm Springs."  
Sunnyside gears up to celebrate ‘St Pat’s for All’
St Pats Feb. 18, By Christian Murray The 16th annual Sunnyside/Woodside 'St. Pat’s for All' parade is scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 1—and will feature puppets, stilt walkers and plenty of Irish music. The St. Pat’s For All parade is arguably this neighborhood’s most popular event. When it began 16 years ago, it was largely a gay-pride parade – organized by a number of Irish men and women who were not allowed to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Fifth Ave under a gay banner. Today, the Sunnyside/Woodside parade draws plenty of seniors, children, minorities, to even the local dog group--Sunnyside United Dog Society. “We are the opening act for all the parades around the city that celebrate the fun and festivities of Ireland,” said Brendan Fay, a gay Irishman and co-chair of the event. The event, he said, always takes place on the first Sunday in March. Fay said he is expecting more than 2,000 people to participate this year. However, there could be more. He said that there is still time for community groups to sign up and that those interested just need to go to the St Pat’s for All website and register. The event this year will begin at Skillman Avenue and 43rd Street and will end at 56th and Skillman. Music and speeches will begin at 1 pm, with the parade kicking off at 2pm. The parade will feature many of the same groups that have been coming for years—such as the Niall O’Leary School of Irish Dance, the Shannon Gaels Gaelic Football Club, the girl scouts, Swim Strong, The Red Cross, and Sunnyside Community Services. This year, five marching bands have already signed up as well as several Irish musicians. Several well-known gay groups, such as Dignity NY, Lavender and Green Alliance (an Irish LGBT group), Stonewall Democrats of NYC and the Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee are expected to march. This year’s parade comes at a time when the Fifth Avenue parade is allowing one gay group to march-- under the banner of the gay NBCUniversal employees. However, none of the Irish gay groups are permitted to march and gay activists will be protesting the event again this year. Fay, however, said that the Sunnyside-Woodside event would carry on even if gay groups were allowed to participate in the Fifth Avenue parade. “When it was announced that one gay group was allowed, I was asked what would happen to the our parade if it [the Fifth Avenue parade] were open to all gay groups,” Fay said. He said the Sunnyside/Woodside event would continue. Fay said that the parade is no longer a gay event but a community event, where all sorts of groups participate. “This parade is special,” Fay said. “Sunnyside and Woodside have increasingly embraced the parade as their own– and different groups continue to want to participate.” He said local businesses—such as bars and restaurants--have got behind the event. Ten bars and restaurants known as Sunnyside's Boulevard Bars are hosting a joint Irish music festival, where Irish bands will play at their respective pubs after the parade. Meanwhile, several bars/restaurants on Skillman Avenue are expected to be offering specials. For Kathleen Walsh D'Arcy, the other co-chair of the event, the parade is also about embracing immigrant groups and other cultures. There will be groups representing Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania—and several Jackson-Heights-based Muslim centers, D'Arcy said. This year’s two grand marshals are Kerry Kennedy, who is the president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, and Brian F. O’Byrne, a well-known Broadway and movie actor. Fay said that the St. Pat’s For All parade has become a model for parades around the country—where various ethnic groups are celebrated and where there is inclusion of LGBT groups. However, the No. 7 train will not be running between Times Square and 74th Street on the weekend of the event. Fay said that they have reached out to the MTA to see whether its construction schedule can change on the day of the event. They have not heard back from the MTA. Details: Date: Sunday, March 1 Time: speeches at 1pm, parade kicks off at 2 pm Begins: Corner of Skillman Ave. and 43rd Street St-Pats    
Car crash on Queens Blvd leaves 9 people injured, 7 seriously
@agraneri (Instagram)

@agraneri (Instagram)

Feb.14, By Christian Murray Nine people were injured following a multiple vehicle crash on the corner of Queens Boulevard and 43rd Street this morning, according to the FDNY. The crash took place at 4:03 am and seven people were taken to area hospitals in serious but stable condition. Two others were take to hospital after sustaining minor injuries, according to the FDNY. Details as to what caused the accident were not available. There were no reports that alcohol played a part in the accident.  The NYPD press office had not been notified about the crash by 10:15 am.
agraneri (Instagram)

agraneri (Instagram)

agraneri (Instagram)

agraneri (Instagram)

New restaurant ‘Dumplings & Things’ opens Sunday
dumplings1 Feb. 13, By Christian Murray A new restaurant offering Chinese dumplings is opening on 46th Street this Sunday. Dumplings & Things, located near the Sunnyside Arch at 45-26 46th Street, will be offering five types of Chinese dumplings as well as a variety of noodles, soups, baos and rice platters (see menu). The restaurant is owned by siblings Lorraine Li and Sam Li, who have many years of experience. The family has a restaurant in Park Slope and this is their second venture. “We chose Sunnyside for its diversity and we think we can offer something new and different to the neighborhood,” said co-owner Lorraine Li. Dumplings & Things will be open seven days a week: Sundays – Thursdays from 11:30am – 10pm and Fridays – Saturdays from 11:30am – 11pm.

Dumplings Things Sunnyside Menu by sunnysidepost



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