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Police raid Sunnyside Gardens house–find firearms, marijuana plants and crack

39-10 to 39-24 44th Street

39-10 to 39-24 44th Street

March 19, By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside Gardens man was arrested on Tuesday for the criminal possession of a cache of firearms and drugs.

The police searched the premises of Daniel Tone, 42, at 39-14 44th Street, at 5 am March 19, as part of an ongoing investigation.

The cops uncovered 4 loaded firms; 3 imitation pistols; 169 rounds of ammunition; $3,124 in cash; seven marijuana plants; approximately 17.5 grams of crack; 136 Hydromorphone pills and 48 Xanax pills.

Tone was charge with the following:

Criminal Possession of a Weapon, loaded firearm (4 counts)

Criminal Possession of a Weapon, ammunition clip(4 counts)

Violation of Local Law (3 counts)

Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance (3 counts)

Criminal Sale of Controlled Substance  (1 count)

Unlawful Possession of a Marijuana (9 counts)


Seized Firearms:

.44 Ruger Revolver

.357 Taurus Magnum Revolver (defaced)

.9 mm Glock 17 Semi-Automatic (defaced)

.22 High Standard Semi-Automatic


Seized Imitation Firearms:

AR-15 Assault Rifle

9 mm Uzi


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  1. last i read the bill of rights, it is your right to bear arms. give this man back what is rightfully his. this is America isnt it?

  2. Why Daddy, why lose my toys!

  3. @cash munnee You are right but in NYC guns are illegal.

  4. @ Anonymous

    I know there are only 3 tracks for the 7, i was suggesting having the express trains be able to cross over to the local track after 40th st so they can stop at 33rd St. They do it 1 stop up anyway to get into Queens Plaza. Just back it up a little and have them do it at 33rd St.

  5. @ Sunnyside Life

    If Van Bramer has done things proactively to fix the 7 train issues I am not aware… and he is doing a poor job because in the 18 years i have lived in Sunnyside it’s never been as bad as it has been in the last couple of years. Perhaps this is due to the extension to the west side project but I doubt it, since the train seems fine at other times of day, only the AM rush hour towards Manhattan is really bad.

  6. Police do not come in full force because somebody violated an order of protection probably a user snitched on him

  7. They should do a skip stop alternating between two trains.

  8. @Cash Munnee

    Fine, I’ll grant you the guns (regardless of NYC laws). Pretty sure crack isn’t constitutionally protected.

  9. Notice the bandoleer with shotgun shells. Where is the shot gun?

  10. I used to live in Bed-Stuy and I moved here because I heard the drugs were cheaper. WHERE AM I GOING TO GET ALL MY DRUGS FROM??!!! WHERE?? SOMEONE HELP. ALSO ANYONE THINK THAT BLISS ST. STATION SHOULD RUN KARAOKE 7 NIGHTS A WEEK??? I like to sing Billy Joel songs ironically when I’m high. ALSO WHERE IS THE NEAREST TRILBY HAT STORE???

  11. that military rifle is an imitation? it even has a silencer on it! looks like this guy was going to war!

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