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Local resident produces video featuring Sunnyside/Woodside street art

March 18, Sunnyside, NY:

Local resident George Burles has produced a YouTube video that uncovers much of the street art that can be found in Sunnyside and Woodside.

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  1. If they’re painting with the property owner’s permission, it’s not vandalism.

  2. A lot of Sunnyside’s murals (except the “Rise And Shine” and “Sunnyside, Queens” murals) have no representation of our neighborhood and look better in places such as Long Island City.

  3. i can paint better with a brush between my white asscheeks!!

  4. Moma is nice, but the life that our local unknown and uncredited artists bring to our doorsteps is magical…stop and smell the roses.

  5. @6ft Peanut

    So apparently, you’ve already tried that. Now, make a video of it.

  6. This video is bad. Dead people bikes are not graffiti and some of the murals are just lame.
    It’s about time for you old folkes to move out of Sunnyside and make room for more cooooool people. You are just holding us back.
    6ft put your arse on a pedestal. Don’t keep such fine art all to your self.

  7. I am all for street art and there are some amazing artists out there but I agree that those murals are unoriginal and look very dated.
    Not my taste at all.
    A missed opportunity for Sunnyside to show its creative side.

  8. Good job. More art. I didn’t know there were so many art critics in this neighborhood.

  9. Wonderful to see such color brighten the streets. Love it!

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