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Homeless man found dead in Sunnyside

47th and Queens Blvd.

47th and Queens Blvd.

March 13, By Christian Murray

A 72-year-old man was found dead in his car in Sunnyside on Wednesday, according to police.

The man, who police said was living out of his car, was discovered on Queens Blvd and 47th Street, underneath the elevated subway trestle at about 6 pm.

The man, who has yet to be identified, was found by a traffic officer who notified the police.

The police said that they believe the man died of natural causes. However, he is still undergoing an autopsy.

One witness said that the man’s car had accumulated a pile of tickets. The witness said it was only when the traffic officer checked to see why there were so many that he discovered the man was dead.

A police spokesman did not know where in the vehicle the man was located when he was found.

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  1. They ticket cars while people are in them? Seems like he would have been hard to miss. RIP.

  2. I didn’t know change guy had a car…

  3. Nasty Nessa – Does it make you feel good to mock someone who is clearly in need of help?

  4. “A police spokesman did not know where in the vehicle the man was located when he was found.”
    What exactly do they know these days?
    Let me tell you what they know, how much the total of the accumulated tickets were and who will be paying for those.
    This is disgusting. They keep ticketing the car like this without checking. Why wouldn’t they tow it in the first place?
    NYPD should be ashamed of this.

  5. How the F did these meter maids not notice a guy in the car?!

  6. Anyone know the color of the car? Please provide the name of the man if possible. I knew a sweet man that came into a cafe I worked in in the neighborhood who lived in his car. Very sad..

  7. Very sad.

  8. Very sad. I have noticed regular homeless people in the neighborhood for many years. Can’t someone help them?

  9. And who says the neighborhood is getting better? We’re getting more Manhattan wash-outs crowding up the place and pushing up prices, but no one has ever been found dead in their car under the trestle before. That is a new low.

    The accumulation of tickets on a car with a dead man in it speaks volumes to the character of the way this city is going.

    Just make sure you are always rich and healthy, then you will be fine!

  10. The saddest part of this story obviously s a man been found dead in his car ( homeless or not) with the traffic agents giving him several tickets without even noticing there was a dead person in the car. U have got to be joking me! The only thing traffic cops are worried about is their quota for the month. They don’t care if you are dead or alive as long as they can give can write you a ticket. What a shame. May that poor man rest in peace. If someone or some government agency had cared about him he would probably be alive today. The 108th has left us powerless . And I’m not just talking about the homeless people. I’m talking for the regular joe shmow who gets his/her house broken into, gets their cell phones robbed coming off the 7 train and who gets his house vandalized while he s out making a living. It’s a disgrace.

  11. Will the city forgive the tickets?

  12. This is just horrible news. I can’t understand how things of this nature occur. I’m interested in seeing just how long the coroner thinks he was expired and how long the vehicle had been getting tickets. If he was in that car while tickets were being issued something is very very wrong…

  13. Its not the police, its class warfare.

    The police are not responsible for homelessness. Plenty of commenters on this site have wished death on homeless people living under the el, so maybe there are many more people like that in this city. And they got their wish.

    Frankly, I blame it on the city’s craven, cynical real estate policy. They decided years and years ago that the people living and working in this city weren’t rich enough; never mind its because the jobs left, not that we changed. So they rezoned our homes and businesses so we couldn’t afford them any longer but richer people could. They sold Manhattan to the wealthiest people on the planet as the safest place to park their money in politically and economically unstable times. They sold the waterfronts of Brooklyn and Queens to the people who were priced out of Manhattan. And the people in Brooklyn and Queens who can’t afford to move? They had no plan for that.

    A statistic out this week said there are 56,000 homeless people in the five boroughs. That is a direct result of the intersection of international economics and Bloomberg’s policies. “Affordable” means one thing to the rich and another to the people who’s work makes this city run.

    This poor man who died in his car is just a particularly poignant and public result of the class warfare people deny exists.

  14. Perhaps if one of the traffic enforcement agents spoke the english language it may have been reported sooner…saw a sergeant the other day speaking what I guess to be bengali to one of the agents..Maybe the city might want to consider offering ESL classes to the agents..

  15. It would be interesting to know the dates/timeline of the tickets. If the tickets were written over a recent, couple of days, that’s one thing, but if written over the course of week or so, then the failure of ticket agents to make an earlier report reflects total indifference.

  16. Meter Maids, the bottom feeders of the nypd

  17. Dawn gave such a good comment, so good.

  18. I say if everyone gets together and organizes a town hall meeting we may get some answers. Too many people in the community are too willing to sit behind their computers and complain about everything that is happening in our neigherhood . U need to be seen and heard. Anyone who is willing to attend a meeting please post on this site. Otherwise sorry to say don’t even waste your time posting comments because nobody cares what you say. U need to stand up in person and be heard. How s march 27th? Please reply to this and maybe we can do something.

  19. @ Ari Fink,

    You think that ESL courses would help a bi-lingual ticketing agent recognize a corpse? This article/tragedy is a strange platform for an ignorant agenda.

    Very sad to hear about this – unfortunate that he wasn’t found sooner and given the help he needed.

  20. a quick question — Has anybody informed our counsel man Jimmy on this matter –

  21. @Angela have you called JVBs office? Don’t leave it up to someone else to do it. The more calls he gets the better chance we have of getting some answers.

  22. Very apathetic neighborhood. Nobody cares. Good luck getting anyone to do anything but complain.

  23. The wake for Chaaaaaaange Man is Sunday from 5 to 7 at Lynch’s. The funeral is Monday 10 AM at Queen of Angels.

  24. I don’t see an answer from Angela. I guess she is waiting for someone else to call JVB’s office.

  25. To all of you so concern why no answer from me I have called Jimmy in the past and just recently and he has helped me regarding many things — you have people on here that all they do is talk and not do anything — so kindly stop talking about me and look to other people — I rest my case.

  26. the man some people call change is alive and I believe has moved to a new location just a few blocks down the blvd.

  27. Hey Nasty Nessa , you really got me – I fell for it hook line and sinker. My wife and I went into Lynch’s Funeral Home yestarday to inquire Mr. Chaaa aange man.The young gentleman at the Home told us that Chaaaaange is alive and well and had seen him on Sunday when he bought him a sandwitch.While some people on this site like to make fun of Change we choose to give him a few bucks from time to time, you should hear him say Thanks – Thaaaaaaanks , yeah just like that. So think about it Nessa , there’s an old but true saying – there go I but for the grace of GOD.

  28. @Angela I was just curious to see if u had called Jimmy’s office. So many people on here complain about everything but do nothing about it. Happy to hear U actually DO something. Thank you!

  29. At celticparker good for you and your wife and also the kind man in lynchs who bought chaaaaaaange guy a sandwich. I always say only for the grace of god that could be anyone’s story. But I dislike that guy immensly. He spits continuously and has no respect for kids or women or anyone. There are different homeless people in the neigberhood who I constantly give money to and who bother no one. God bless your big heart

  30. for your fools feeding chaaaaaaaaaaaange man…thats why hes still here! he gets $$$ from the govt – has a roof over his head (i see him get onto the subway) and always has cigarettes and alcohol. the sooner you bleeding heart idiots stop falling for his crap the sooner he will be gone!

    lol used to do this in astoria!

  31. For all of us who care. Spoke with Mr.Changeman today and observed that he has a speech impediment ( thus Chaaaaaaaange ). He told me his name is Lawrence and yes he is homeless. He stays on the trains during the cold weather and returns to Sunnyside most days. God Bless him and keep him safe.

  32. you would think the meter maid would knock on the window or something.

  33. Chaaaange man spits almost as much as I squirt.

  34. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawrence wants chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange!

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