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Man follows 65-year-old woman into her Sunnyside apartment, punches her in head and flees

Suspect (source NYPD)

Suspect (source NYPD)

Feb. 4, By Christian Murray

The police are searching for a man who followed a 65-year-old woman into her Sunnyside apartment, threw her on the ground and punched her in the head—before fleeing without taking any property.

The police said that the incident occurred on Thursday, January 30, at about 6:00 pm in the vicinity of 50th Street and 43rd Avenue.

The suspected allegedly approached the woman as she was entering her apartment and once inside, he threw her to the ground punching her in her head.  The victim sustained bruising and swelling to her lip.  The suspect fled on foot without taking any property.

The police described the suspect as a white male, about 170-190lbs and between 50 and 60 years of age. He was last seen wearing a baseball cap, dark clothing, and white sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).

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  1. the angle and placement of security cameras should be reconsidered, seeing as they’re so easily defeated by baseball caps.

  2. Somebody tried to rob me last week on Roosevelt a couple of blocks away. It helps to have security cameras that actually work!

  3. is that the woman who keeps walking back and forth on the boulevard ? I believe she’s some kind of drug dealer, the attack was probably an inside job, someone knew she had stuff on her.

  4. Jane, I hope you reported it to the police.

  5. That address is here:

  6. Vigilantism, people are fed up..

  7. Wow! The perpetrator was white???

  8. Yeah he have HD cameras on cheap cell phones but less then VHS quality on security cameras… wonder why they get away with it so often

  9. I wish someone would do that to the bum under the 46th street station

  10. Wondering if the landlord can be sued to upgrade surveillance.

  11. I agree this was not a random attack… nothing was stolen even though the perpetrator made it into the victim’s apartment. I won’t go as far as to speculate it had to do with drugs, but this seems like a targeted vengeance. Especially considering the attacker was 50+ years old…

  12. That homeless guy under the L doesn’t bother anyone.

  13. the guy looks like he was showered with all purpose flour

  14. Lord Baby Jesus!

    Now it is senior citizens punching each other in their pudding faces!
    What’s next?

    Isn’t there anything positive happening in Sunnyside worth writing about?

  15. Some television news reports suggest: #1 – the bad guy was a male Hispanic, #2 – be gained access thanks to a helpful neighbor and #3 – he was seen hanging around the vicinity for DAYS. Thank goodness he wasn’t stopped and questiioned by some racist police officer!!

  16. Hey moneyside, it can happen to anyone.. Lose your job, lose your business, get swindled, the list goes on… You can end up under a bridge too.

  17. Hey Sunnysider, if I lost my job and was homeless I still wouldn’t shit on the wall under the train station. It’s a health hazard

  18. Hey moneyside, I hope you’ll never know what it is to be homeless, it is so easy to become one this days….you are a selfish person, God help you!

  19. Don’t think money side was talking about the guy u think he s referring to. That guy s harmless and doesn’t bother anyone. I’m sure he must be referring to the chaaaaaannnnnggggeeee guy who urinates and craps under the 7. They say most people are 2 paychecks away from being homeless. Only for the grace of god it could happen to you or me. Anyway I think there is more behind this story than sees the eye. I don’t think it’s random. Victim must have known her attacker

  20. How come he’s wearing blue in one pic and wearing white in the second?

  21. First and foremost, the guy begging for change is mentally ill. I don’t know what compels him to act the way he does, but some of his behaviour must also be looked at as symptomatic of his illness. I think maybe he is begging because he is at the end of his rope. Maybe this is all he can think of to do? At the end of the day, do you think he is really collecting a lot of money? I don’t monitor his activity but when nature calls, I bet his options are slim to nothing. I doubt any store owner is going to welcome him into their public restroom, right? It’s one thing to be poor or out of work- that can happen to anyone. But this guy is obviously suffereing from a mental illness. Wonder if he is an old-timer to sunnyside? Wonder what his story is? Of all the street corners in all the neighborhoods in Queens, he winds up on ours.

  22. Just Asking nailed it!

  23. That change guy has been hanging around Queens boulevard for as long as I can remember and I’ve lived in Sunnyside for 22 years. He’s been a fixture for years. He used to hang around at the end of my street (41 St) but I guess he moved down the block once TD Bank opened it’s doors. I wonder what his story is?

  24. I’ve read here that people have seen evidence that he commutes to Sunnyside by the 7 train but I don’t really know. Something must motivate him to stand there for all of these years. Probably doesn’t have a clue about what people say about him. Apparently, someone from Social Services spoke to him but otherwise I think he’s unapproachable to most of us. Certainly there’s no real interest in his “back-story” but like the ubiquitous hipster, he’s become an icon of Sunnyside.

  25. SuperWitty, I have seen numerous businesses give him free stuff ranging from the bagel hole to Sunnyside Pizza.the guy is a cancer, I don’t care if he is mentally iLL he is vile and should be taken away as a threat to the neighborhood. Like a stray dog.

  26. At groomberg I was wondering the same thing. Doubt if he changed his clothes in the middle of the attack. Bottom line s we need better better functioning cameras in our neigherhood . With today’s technology how can the quality of these cameras be so bad. Def think it’s up to the landlords or the management company’s to fix this problem. A town hall meeting wouldn’t be a bad idea in the very near future.

  27. I am with Groomberg… Whats with the change of clothes on the perp???

  28. As JustAsking pointed out, the suspect has been seen hanging around for days. I think that would answer the question of why there are different outfits.

  29. Starbucks lets homeless people use their restrooms…you may know if you’ve ever been inside one. Libraries don’t bar anyone either.

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