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Queens Blvd thrift shop to close, as owner relocates store to Astoria

One of a Kind Thrift Shop

One of a Kind Thrift Shop

Jan. 27, By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside thrift shop, which has been in the neighborhood for years, is closing its doors and moving to the Ditmars section of Astoria.

One of a Kind Thrift Shop, located at 45-05 Queens Blvd, will be closing its Sunnyside doors within the next two weeks, according to several workers.

The workers were packing up items in preparation for the move.

The owner could not immediately be reached for comment.

Further details to come.

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  1. How is he going to get all that stuff out of the store?

  2. Well there goes our bookstore!

  3. that sucks. that store has been around for years and the owner was always very nice to my family.

  4. I was under the impression that shop was a charity shop for the All Saints church around the corner on 46st.

  5. When rent goes up thrift stores move out.

  6. It was a thrift shop. People donate clothes, books, etc. for free and they couldn’t cover rent? I thought they were a Church based thrift shop.

  7. That place needed a new location…it is way too jammed and over priced compared to the cleaner more spacious shops on Greenpoint Avenue. I hope they do well in Astoria.

  8. nice to see a summertime pic with leaves on trees. this winters been hell.

  9. This is terrible, a very community oriented store is leaving, wonder what will take its place. There is already a nail salon right there, so hopefully they won’t take it over and make it into eyebrow threading expansion, and hopefully not another pawn shop.
    See how well parrot has done, looks like they are making money too, at least I know my wife spends hundreds of dollars every month there. I hope whoever takes over does something nice… Does anyone what was the rent and what will it be now? Interesting that place with no major cost other than rent could not survive there.

  10. OH BANG UP JOB whoever is in charge of building up Sunnysides business community. When you have stores that have been around for years leaving your neighborhood , that’s not a good sign, its an indication of people jumping ship.

  11. We desperately, and I stress the word DESPERATELY need another eyebrow treading place complete with a 22″ TV and a 30 dollar LED sign.

  12. All Saints Church is correct (@ Celtic bark). I drop stuff off there whenever my wife travels without (have the sht I dump off there is stuff she never misses….seriously!)

  13. Travels without me…

    Half the sht…

  14. what is going on??? why do certain parts of 43rd Avenue, Greenpoint Avenue and Queens Boulevard look like hell!!! vacant storefronts, shops with ugly/bad awnings and all those cheapo 99 cents stores, especially the ones that put their ugly wares outside, why do they do that??? even Astoria looks better than Sunnyside! why can’t we look more like Forest Hills, so frustrating!

  15. Astoria is a much better neighborhood than sunnyside and commercial rents are about the same, and much more people with a higher incomes, sunnyside only deserves 99cent stores not even used goods hahahahaha

  16. Sorry to say, the only thing I ever looked at or bought were the vinyl records out front. Not much else but junk inside. The hoarder look doesn’t fit in with this new Sunnyside. I’ll be glad to have a new business there to visit. Let’s hope it’s not another 99 cent slice spot.

  17. CelticParker

    “Well there goes our bookstore!”

    Hahaha! So true! I’ve purchased a couple of books there. There was a really bad “old clothes” aroma coming from the inside of that store though. To be honest, EXCEPT for their book selection, the Greenpoint Ave thrift store is much better.

    Qns Blvd has very high rents. I’m sure they’ll make more money with the high foot traffic in Astoria.

  18. Always sad to see a local business leave the neighborhood.

    I agree with @John Doe about Sunnyside lacking in diversity as far as businesses. The main shopping arteries look grim and uninviting.

    @germ mosion

    median household income in Astoria $46,747
    median household income in Sunnyside $45,622

    Both below national average and fairly similar. (even when broken down by income brackets)

  19. It’s too bad they’re leaving, but I’m surprised anyone pays those prices for the books in particular! Crumbling paperbacks that would go for fifty cents at the Strand are $4 there.

  20. I think the owners were frustrated also. Just waiting for their lease to expire and move into a bigger and cleaner space. Hope they’ll be able to organize their stuff better. Wish them good luck in their new location. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a general shoe store like Payless in its place. We shall see.

  21. the owner is really nice

  22. did anyone buy that gold spraypainted bust of Obama in the window??

  23. @luke outtavindow – I think that was Eisenhower. HAHA!

  24. Nooooooooo!!!! I got soooo many great children’s books there over the years!!!

  25. I donated lots of clothes, etc. to the shop for years but rarely bought anything there. The small space was way too packed to check out the merchandise. I wish them every success in the new location.

  26. Let me guess…another 99 cent store?

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