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Sunnyside at its best…by, George Burles

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  1. Great video Mr. Burles, congratulations! Thank you for keeping the focus on the people of Sunnyside. That was a very funny touch in the last 15 seconds or so, showing the least observed sign in our grand neighborhood.

  2. They should make one of those signs with a soccer/volleyball player on it as well. Also, a few signs for folks who toss trash on our sidewalks, break bottles, expectorate everywhere, leave car parts, urine jugs, etc etc etc.

    Dogs are owned BY people, OM.


  3. Really nice.

  4. nice video & song! good job!!!

  5. They should also make a sign with a drunk white dude on it …….wit a kilt or sumting . And also a sign for no bicycle parking!!!!

  6. Thank you, Geroge Burles, a very nice intro to our neighborhood!

  7. Well done! Was that the Pogues? (I don’t know the names of too many Irish bands- I know it wasn’t the Chieftains!)

  8. You forgot to film all the homeless that hang out and s$$t under the train.

  9. HatesMe, Y hate you??? U no de homeless have no $$! Thats y they homeless =P. Why people keepin think dis sorta stuff when other stuff holds back good beginnings an future?? Makes me sad!

  10. Maybe Ruben can make his own video about Sunnyside. I’m sure it would be a hoot.

  11. Nevaeh for all the love of whats holy and good take some English lessons. You see all that red under your words? It means STOP…and re-think what you plan to say. CUZ I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!

  12. I second that 86Mets! I would love to see Ruben’s video!

    Here is one from a SUDS dog’s perspective, it stars Mercury the Weimaraner, from 2010.

    We entered into a contest that, had we won, would have gained us $ toward the dog run:



  13. Sunnyside was at its worst this morning (2/19) when a huge piledriver started breaking ground for the new school between 42nd and 43rd Streets. The vibrations felt like an earthquake at times. Though I live only half-a-block away, my chandeliers were shaking. i understand that numerous complaints were filed with local politicians. If they can’t moderate the drilling, I suspect that some major damage will be done to surrounding buildings as well as to gas, electricity, and phone lines.

  14. Hey 86Mets maybe we can do a Kickstart to fund Ruben’s video and perhaps correct some of injustices that occurred because of time limitations in Mr. Burles’ film. For example, footage of the three or four old guys calling themselves SUDS and walking dogs in the St. Patrick’s (not Pat’s) Day Parade was apparently left on the cutting room floor. It’s also important to recreate on film the Miracle of Skillman Avenue as told by Sunnyside Native when the priest at Queen of Angels brought a dog back from near death. These important events should not be excluded in the telling of Who We Are in Sunnyside.

  15. I heard that pounding sound all the way on Skillman this morning. It was so loud I thought it was happening on 43rd Ave, not across the Blvd.

  16. Om always gets the best of RD:)

  17. Father said he would be happy to reenact our dogs miracle cure (<– as Oppressed Masses refers to it), plus he will throw in a free exorcism to get rid of the demons that lie within Oppresses Masses soul. Other than that OM, is undergoing intense psychotherapy to address his ‘Mommy issues’, which is why he hates dogs and refers to them as Satan and the embodiment of evil. It all makes sense now and the pieces of the puzzle have now come together. Now let’s wait to hear the outcome of OM’s exorcism.

    Comical video, Mr. Burles! I can't wait for the real barking and howling once the dog run finally opens!

  18. @OM

    What was the name of the dog the priest brought back from the dead?


  19. Thanks for posting this Christian and to everyone who took the time to watch and comment.

  20. Whoa, rim shot 86Mets!! But the dog’s name is Son of Sunnyside Native.

  21. It is truly an oversight that the SUDS organization was not included in the Best of Sunnyside video. Notwithstanding our differing views in these pages, I have to agree that SUDS has been among the best, if not the best, community organizations for the betterment of our neighborhood. If nothing else, the new dog park will draw all the dog nuts to one place and leave the streets for the rest of us. And hopefully the other improvements to Lodati Park, perhaps the largest open public recreational space in Sunnyside, will draw a broader base of community members, young and old. Certainly in portraying images of the St. Patrick’s Day in a video entitled “Best of Sunnyside”, the fine showing of the SUDS group should have been included. My earlier comments in this regard were wrong and I apologize.

  22. Uh, oh. Oppressed Masses ‘Mommy issues’ is coming out again. Nuts refer to dogs as Satan and the embodiment of evil. I do believe that was your verbiage. Apparently Oppressed Masses ‘lady of his dreams’ must have abandoned him and his recekless behavior, probably not wanting to deal with all his craziness. Whew! She finally has seen the light! It’s just a matter of time until Oppressed Masses is pooping under the EL with Squirts the chaaange bum and all his faithful followers…the pigeons.

    By the way, what positive things has Oppressed Masses done for Sunnyside? Hey, OM: Do you participate in clean up graffiti day? Nope. Do you assist elders in your neighborhood? Nope. Do you attend Community Board meetings? Nope. Do you help coordinate any local social functions? Nope. Do you work towards the accomplishment of any project in the neighborhood, i.e. renaming Winged Fist Way, lobbying for a local dog run. Nope. OM is just a taker and not a giver. Pretty sad existence.

  23. Good work George. Nicely done.

  24. lazaruff. very funny!!!

    False/misguided comments by people who really have no clue about what our group has been through/accomplished over the past 11+ years (and will do in the future) does nothing to change our history of advocacy and continued mission moving forward.

    We set out to help improve the neighorhood for both dog owners non alike in Sunnyside. A newly revitalized park is coming to Sunnyside, one that everyone will be able to enjoy in one way or another.

    If we are nuts, then more people should be, it’d be a better world.

    Enjoy everyone.



  25. I for one would be interested to see what this Oppresses Masses person has done to improve our Sunnyside community? Simple question.

  26. @Mr Murphy

    If OM is a law abiding citizen and all he has done is to post some offensive comments (not illegal) on this site, then he doesn’t owe you any further explanation of himself.

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