Independent pharmacy relocates to 43rd Avenue


Laven Pharmacy, an independent drug store that has been operating out of 41-31 Queens Blvd, has moved location.

The pharmacy reopened this week at 43-20 43rd Avenue, after spending several years on Queens Blvd.

The new location was once the space occupied by a 99 cents store—and was going to be a performing arts studio, until it was blocked by zoning rules. The performing arts studio eventually found space above Key Food on Queens Blvd (46th Street).

The previous location of Laven Pharmacy remains empty and there is no word of a new tenant moving into the location.  The owner of E-Bike, which is located next door, has no intention of taking the space—despite having several bikes parked out front of the empty store.


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35 Responses to Independent pharmacy relocates to 43rd Avenue

  1. Sycamore

    The best of luck.

  2. Rick Duro

    The guy next door, who fixes and sells illegal e-bikes, has since taken over that area of sidewalk. He fixes the bikes ON the sidewalk, leaving oil, grease, parts everywhere and choking off the walking area for people on Qns Blvd.

  3. SunnysidePostHatesMe

    not to mention Squirts the Channnnnge bum now stands in front of here. All you need is a pimp slapping his hoe and you got ol' school times square.

  4. Bernie

    Nice to see a real pharmacy open up nearby -- we have enough of those big chain stores like Rite Aid that sell everything else but real medical stuff. I'm with the other two responder before me, why hasn't the city closed down the illegal e-bike mess, at least fine the crap out of them...someone must be protecting it.

  5. Theman

    I miss guilas , they had the meatball parm hero!!!

  6. Theman

    Whoops, I mean the best meatball parm hero!

  7. 86Mets

    Couldn't they have at least gotten a less ugly awning?

  8. Ferdia

    i'll bite.
    they're not illegal.

  9. ice-nine

    we need an awning store, someone with talent and taste

  10. 86Mets

    @ice nine

    An awning cleaner would be good too. Even some of the nicer canopies are dirty and could use a wash.

  11. Nevaeh

    I like meetballs!

  12. Rick Duro

    e bikes are indeed illegal to drive in NYC-from the NYS Department of Transportation: electric bicycles are illegal, because they cannot be registered with the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Also, driving them on the SIDEWALK is incredibly dangerous (as well as just plain stupid). Eventually, someone is going to get seriously hurt.

    I have seen them easily exceeding 20mph on the sidewalks, bullying people to move over for them. Golden Wok is the biggest offender in the 'hood. A true menace to society.

    If they are operated on the streets, 20mph or less, in one of the many bike lanes we have created, hey, I'm all for it. But, stay off the damn sidewalk.


  13. Rick Duro

    Also, it definitely isn't legal to use a city sidewalk to do daily mechanical work on one of these e-bikes, which is what that 'shop' is doing.

  14. southie

    I'm with THEMAN-
    Guilia's was THE BEST! I miss those days. We seem to have so many passionate Sunnysiders on this blog, but businesses continue to fail. A majority of Sunnysiders TALK a good game about supporting the neighborhood, supporting local businesses, but the fact is the local community isn't supporting them enough.
    EVERYONE-put your money where your mouth is and STEP UP! Stop treating this neighborhood like a place to rest your head in between trips to Manhattan and Brooklyn. The only way Sunnyside will survive is if people invest locally. ANyone can make a "night" out of Sunnyside-between all the restaurant choices, there's no need to go further than this neighborhood for a great night out. But it just doesn't seem to happen, and then people moan when another business fails?

  15. angela

    why doesn't everyone that has a complaint on here about these bikes being all over the sidewalk go to your congressman (Jimmy) and see what he can do --

  16. Rick Duro

    He's already been alerted to ebike on the sidewalk complaints and has stepped up:

    I am all for e-bikes, great alternative to the car, for people who don't have the stamina to ride a regular bike, take up less parking spaces, etc etc.

    The only issue I have is that they regularly drive on the sidewalks, sometimes @ excessive speeds. Notice the word 'walk' is in that word, not 'drive' or 'ride'. Interesting, they wear helmets, do pedestrians now need to mull over that option to avoid being injured by these reckless idiots?

    Stay off the sidewalks, ride in the bike lane. If there is a car parked in the bike lane, ride around it. Hopefully the car gets a ticket for blocking your lane.


  17. Guttersnipe

    Stop that E-bike guy from taking over that sidewalk. Stop him from fixing the bikes on the sidewalk, leaving oil, grease, parts everywhere and choking off the walking area for people on Qns Blvd. Stop the dog people from letting their dogs urinate and deficate on our sidewalks. Just stop it, stop it, STOP THE INSANITY!!!! Let's take back our streets!!!

  18. ferdia

    @ Rick. The sidewalk issues notwithstanding, federal law protects them and state law does as well though to a lesser extent. But federal law wins. If you were a human radar gun your argument might hold up in court but until you develop superpowers we'll have to go with the specs.
    Having said that, the laws themselves are stupid, the people that are expected to enforce them I'll trained to the point of ignorance, and those who prosecute are wary of pushing the issue. So who could blame the cops for not knowing how to handle them?

  19. Ferdia

    sorry, that should read, "are ill trained" not "I’ll trained"

  20. Nevaeh

    Rick! Bikes are goof for inviroment!!!

  21. Rick Duro

    Yes, bikes are GREAT for the environment. I think I can recognize what 20+ mph looks like.

    Keep off the damn sidewalks. It's not too much to that Golden Wok?!


  22. Ferdia

    that's great. you should be a highway cop.

  23. Nevaeh


  24. SuperWittySmitty

    From what I can see, the majority of e-bikers, along with the majority of bicyclists going the wrong way on our streets, are delivering food for some local restaurant. Although we shouldn't have to look both ways when crossing a one-way street, many of us have learned to do otherwise, since these vehicles are very quiet. The folks that are using these delivery methods need to get the message.

    The authorities need to send a strong warning to businesses that use these guys to deliver their products; here and throughout the city- traffic laws are there to protect the population and ignoring these regulations is putting pedestrians in danger. The laws needed to be enforced, and there shouldn't be any ignorance of what is and is not acceptable. Instead of ticket-blitzing and unfairly targeting bike-commuters, we need to target the delivery men, or the companies they work for.

  25. Moneyside

    yay more pills!

  26. Rick Duro

    Nah, I'm not into uniforms and guns. Having driven mopeds, mini bikes & motorcycles, I can recognize what 20mph is. There is no defense for driving a motorized vehicle on a sideWALK. The only people who should be on wheels on a city sidewalk are children on their bikes, or someone in a wheelchair.

    Doing so is reckless, ignorant and greedy.

    The legislation proposed by the city council would help. Fine the restaurants a few hundred $ a pop and see them change their ways.

    Feel free to drive them all over the city. Just stay in the street and drive in the right direction. Use the bike lanes. If you fear getting smoked by a car, then that line of work may not be for you. We have laws for vehicles. Follow them.

  27. Local Hamburgler

    Anyone have more info on the Asian pharmacy or holisic health center on 43rd ave next to Rite Aid? I saw a legitimate opiate junkie stroll out of there with a bag of pill bottles.

  28. SunnysidePostHatesMe

    There goes the lame admin deleting my comments again , I hope one day Squirts spits on you. An angel will get his wings on that day.

  29. Jay

    Good luck trying to get delivery guys to obey the rules. They are mostly from third world countries where anything goes in the traffic rules department. There is no reason they will act any differently here without proper enforcement. Enforcement will happen for about 5 minutes and then be forgotten about in typical NYC fashion.

    The real issue here is the ugly awning that most businesses in Sunnyside have installed. Nothing makes this look like a cheap ghetto hood more than the brightly colored plastic crap hanging over all the stores.

  30. SuperWittySmitty

    The blue awning they left behind looks filthy. Presumably, there are laws already on the books that govern so much of the behavior we're all speaking of, and no one wants to add more laws. all we can do it turn to our politicians and keep the pressure on.

  31. ferdia

    Ridiculous. I remember a few years back... wow a lot actually, a fellow was killed by a cyclist. There was talk of banning bikes. It was the first time a pedestrian had been killed by a cyclist in 25 years and clearly that meant things were out of control at the time we were averaging a pedestrian a day killed by cars. Now we should be targeting specific groups of cyclists for not following vehicle laws? To wit, the pedestrian most likely at risk from a wrong way cyclist is breaking the law themselves.
    I'm sure the numbers have changed but I doubt we should be dedicating more energy to policing bikes.
    And, btw, bike lanes suck. The old rules were better for cyclists but poorly enforced.

  32. nope

    The delivery guys went from cycling to e-bikes? Their bosses bought the bikes and told them to use them. It's faster delivery. Why blame them? Blame the restaurant owners.

  33. Mr. Murphy

    Just last week, a delivery guy on a moped on the sidewalk, came very close to hitting an elderly man walking with a cane. We should lodge more complaints to Van Bramer and make a mention at the next community board meeting.

  34. Simon

    I'm glad to see someone else is as passionate about getting these ebikes off the sidewalks.

    I've stood in their way many times forcing them off the sidewalks when I do see them zipping down, and I'll continue to do this until they respect every one of us who is a potential target as we walk down the sidewalks.

    This was an issue that I alerted the Sunnyside Post to over a year ago.

    It's gotten better but there are still those top offenders as Rick mentioned. Yes Golden Wok...especially the girl in the pink hat!

  35. Ogeebee

    This activity is going to be reported for the open motor oil bottles on a public thoroughfare.


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Woodside subway

Sept. 30, By Christian Murray

A 39-year-old Sunnyside man was struck and seriously injured this morning when he jumped in front of an eastbound Long Island Rail Road train at the Woodside Station, according to the MTA.

The man, whose identify has not been disclosed, jumped from the station platform into the path of a Ronkonkoma-bound train at approximately 10:30 AM, according to the transit agency.

The man was removed from under the train with severe head and leg injuries and was unconscious when he was rushed by ambulance to Queens Hospital Center in Elmhurst, the police said.

The LIRR was forced to suspend eastbound service from Penn Station, except for the Port Washington Branch, for about an hour.


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‘The Good Wife’ to film in Sunnyside Tuesday

GoodwifeSept. 29, By Christian Murray

Several Sunnyside streets will be taken over Tuesday to make way for “The Good Wife.”

The CBS show, which has received widespread acclaim, will be shooting on Skillman Avenue (between 48th and 49th Streets), as well as on 48th Street (btw. 43rd and Barnett Avenues) and 49th Street (between Skillman and Barnett). Vehicles parked on these streets Tuesday are likely to be towed.

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The series was partly inspired by the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, as well as by other prominent political sex scandals, particularly those of John Edwards and Bill Clinton.

The show, which premiered in 2009, has won five Emmys.

Film crew getting ready for shoot on Skillman Avenue

Film crew getting ready for shoot on Skillman Avenue

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Town hall meetings scheduled this week, with advice provided on snagging an affordable unit on LIC waterfront


Sept. 28, By Christian Murray

Sunnyside and Woodside residents will get their chance to learn how to apply for an affordable rental unit on the Long Island City waterfront this week.

The application period to snag an apartment in the Hunters Point South complex is expected to begin shortly and Community Board 2 leaders—along with the development company– will be holding two meetings this week telling residents how to apply,

The applicants will be aiming to get one of the 925 affordable apartments that are expected to be completed early next year.

The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 29, at the Sunnyside Community Services Center at 7pm. A second meeting will be held at the Big Six Towers on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 7 pm.

Community Board 2 residents—who currently live in Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City—will be given priority over outside applicants on 50% of the units.

The income requirements are broad and tailored more toward middle income earners. For example, units have been set aside for individuals/families who make very little to those who make up to $190,000, based on numbers released last year by the Bloomberg administration.

For details on the meetings, see below:

HPS Town Halls Flyer 091714-1

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Sunnyside Restaurant Week kicks off October 20, more than 30 restaurants participating
Blu Orchid on Queens Blvd

Recently-opened Blu Orchid part of Sunnyside Restaurant Week

Sept. 25, By Christian Murray

Sunnyside’s second annual restaurant week is scheduled to take place next month and 32 restaurants have already signed up to participate.

The event, organized by Sunnyside Shines, aims to showcase Sunnyside as a destination for high-quality cuisine. Its goal is tempt residents to try new places and draw foodies from other parts of New York City.

The event begins on Oct. 20 and concludes on Friday, Oct. 24.

Each restaurant will serve a three course dinner menu for $25 with many offering additional lunch specials.

The participating restaurants span the globe. There will be Japanese, Turkish, Irish, Italian, Romanian, Mexican, Peruvian, French, Colombian, Filipino, Paraguayan, Tibetan, Thai, and Seasonal American food on offer.

Restaurants from Skillman Avenue through 47th Avenue have signed up this year. Last November, when Sunnyside Restaurant Week was launched, 17 restaurants took part.

“Last year’s event was a big success for neighborhood restaurants,” said Rachel Thieme, executive director, of Sunnyside Shines. “I am proud that we have doubled the number.”

Participating restaurants will also include newcomers to the Sunnyside scene—such as Tibetan Dumpling Café and Blu Orchid. Venturo and Salt & Fat, which were recently recognized as Michelin “Bib Gourmands,” will be participating again this year.

Sunnyside Shines has listed the 32 restaurants on its website. The list also includes those restaurants that have put a special menu together for Sunnyside Restaurant Week.

Restaurant week will also feature contemporary art, which will be placed at five participating restaurants. The art is being curated by No Longer Empty, a contemporary art organization, and will include work from three Sunnyside artists.

The artwork will be on display at Bucharest Restaurant, Los Verdes, PJ Horgan’s, Salt & Fat and Venturo.

“We are really looking forward to Sunnyside Restaurant Week this year,” Thieme said. However, she said: “there’s a huge problem – figuring out how to eat in all these amazing restaurants in just one week!”



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Venturo, Salt & Fat win coveted ‘Bib Gourmand’ award

Venturo sunnyside

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The Michelin Guide has just released its 2015 “Bib Gourmand” picks and Salt & Fat and Venturo were among the picks for the best value for money.

These two restaurants were the only Sunnyside restaurants to receive the highly-coveted prize. Restaurants are evaluated for excellence on a budget (defined as two courses and wine or dessert for $40 a head).

The Bib Gourmand restaurant winners are widely considered the best and most affordable restaurants in New York.

The popular Thai restaurant Ayada, located at 77-08 Woodside Avenue, also received the award.

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Sunnyside farmers market will be open all-year round, if organizers get community support

Sunnyside Farmers Market1

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The Sunnyside Greenmarket might be open all-year round if the organizers get enough support from the community.

The market, which is located on Skillman Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets, is currently open on Saturdays from May through December.

However, Jessenia Cagle, the coordinator of the market, said that the farmers are willing to come to Sunnyside all-year round. She said that she has been circulating a petition calling for market to remain open every Saturday–including during the cold winter months. So far she has 800 signatures.

The petition has recently gone online and can be found by clicking on this link:

“I think the neighborhood is ready for it,” Cagle said. “There are a lot of people in the area who like fresh, local food—and they don’t want to have to go too far to get it especially in winter.”

The market, which opened in June 2007, has been a success, Cagle said. Presently there are 16 farmers/vendors out each weekend selling items such as bread, vegetables, meat and fish.

This year the market opened a month earlier than in previous years and plenty of residents came out and bought items, Cagle said. “We were very busy, it was great,” she said.

The move to open year round would not be unprecedented in Queens. Cagle said the market in Jackson Heights, which was once seasonal, now operates all year round.

Cagle said that not all of the vegetable providers will be able to come out in winter due to the seasonal nature of their produce. However, she expects about 10 vendors will participate during the cold winter months.

“I think if we get enough support, there is a strong possibility that we will be open this winter,” she said.

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Van Bramer’s hit-and-run bill is passed by the city council
Van Bramer, xxx , Melissa Mark Viverto (Source:  Bill Alatriste)

Van Bramer, Martha Puruncajas , Melissa Mark Viverito (Source: Bill Alatriste)

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The city council passed legislation yesterday that would fine drivers who flee the scene of an accident up to $10,000.

The Council voted 49-0 in favor of the legislation that was introduced by Jimmy Van Bramer following three hit-and-run deaths that have occurred in Western Queens in the past year.

“I am proud to have sponsored Intro 371, the ‘Justice for Hit and Run Victims Act,’” Van Bramer said in a statement. “I was moved to introduce this bill in response to the death of three people who were killed in my district by drivers who fled the scene.”

Last September, Luis Bravo, 19, was killed crossing Broadway in Woodside. Meanwhile, Karen Pheras, 20, was struck and killed around the same time crossing Queens Plaza North. Then in March, Kumar Ragunath, 64, was killed crossing Northern Boulevard in Long Island City.

“They all lost their lives because of the unconscionable actions of reckless drivers who showed no concern for the lives of these three people,” Van Bramer said. “We will never know if one or all of them could have been saved had the drivers done the right thing: stopped their car and called 911.”

All three drivers have yet to be caught.

“It’s something you never get over,” said Bravo’s mother, Martha Puruncajas, at a recent council hearing.”The pain is unbearable, the pain stays,” she said, adding that she hopes stiffer penalties would prevent future tragedies.

Under the bill, those who leave the scene of an incident without taking action would be subject to pay a civil penalty of up to $500 if property damage stems from the incident; $1,000 to $2,000 if a person is injured; and $2,000 to $10,000 if there is serious injury or death.

Currently there are no “civil” penalties in New York City if someone flees.

Criminal penalties are determined by the state lawmakers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the bill into law. The law would take effect ninety days after he signs it.

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Sunnyside Street co-named after famous sporting arena

arenaSept. 23, By Christian Murray

City officials and boxing enthusiasts turned out Saturday for the co-naming of 45th Street to pay tribute to the now-demolished Sunnyside Garden Arena where fighters and wrestlers used to duke it out.

The Sunnyside Garden Arena, a 2,000-seat venue that was once located where Wendy’s now stands at 44-11 Queens Blvd, hosted boxing events from 1945 to 1977 during the golden years of NYC boxing. Many famous fighters from that era got their start at the arena, and it was a stepping stone to the brighter lights of Madison Square Garden.

Members of the Ring 8 Boxing Association, a group for retired boxers, unveiled the new street sign along with Dave Diamante, the official announcer at the Barclays Center, and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

Two years ago, many of the same boxing enthusiasts came out when a memorial was placed on the front lawn of Wendy’s that also marked the location.

John Edebohls, who was raised just a couple of blocks away from the arena, said when the memorial was unveiled:“This place launched many careers: Emile Griffith [middleweight world champ] and Jose Torres [light heavyweight world champ].”

The arena was where Gerry Cooney launched his professional career, Edebolhs said. Cooney would go on to fight Larry Holmes in 1982 for the heavyweight title. Cooney lost.

Luke Adams, a member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, said when the monument was unveiled that the arena was not just for boxing. “They had proms there, they made a movie there (Mr. Universe), and in 1960 John F. Kennedy had one of the first rallies of his Presidential campaign there.”

Sunnyside Gardens Arena

Sunnyside Garden Arena

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Irish Music Festival to hit Boulevard on Saturday, wounded veterans to benefit
Irish Music Festival

Irish Music Festival

Sept. 22, By Michael Florio

Eleven bars and restaurants—known as Sunnyside’s Boulevard Bars–are teaming up to host an Irish music festival this Saturday.

The eleven establishments, which are located on or near Queens Blvd, are hosting the 2nd annual Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day music festival.

The event will kick off at 6 pm, Sept. 27, with live music and drink specials at every participating bar.

The drink specials are for party goers who purchase a $10 wristband. The specials, which are available at all 11 establishments, include $3 ciders, $4 well drinks and $5 craft beers. Each bar/restaurant may also offer its own additional specials.

There will be live music, dancing, bagpipers and DJs. There will also be authentic Irish meals, such as Bar 43’s Irish festival menu, which will consist of Irish beef stew, Irish style fish and chips and an all day Irish breakfast.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to wounded veterans who are currently being treated at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Participating bars include, The Courtyard Ale House, Bar 43, McGuinness’s Saloon, PJ Horgan’s, Molly Blooms, Jack’s Fire Dept., Bliss Street Station, Arriba Arriba, The Gaslight, Sidetracks, and Maggie Mae’s.

The event will be the Boulevard of Bars’ sixth major event in the past two years. So far, it has raised more than $25,000 for charities and local organizations.

Music Lineup - Boulevard Bars-1


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