C-Town to move in to former Foodtown location

Foodtown closed December

Foodtown closed December

By Bill Parry

A C-Town supermarket is moving into 41-25 Greenpoint Ave., filling the void left by Foodtown’s closing last December.

C-Town, which is the fifth largest food retailer in New York City, is expected to open by late summer, according to Dennis Wallin, who is the vice president of retail development for Alpha 1 Marketing, the firm that is developing and branding the new store.

“To do it right it will take some time,” Wallin said. “The architect is drawing up plans for a completely new [C-Town] storefront, and once it’s finished the neighborhood will be proud of it,” he added.

There are more than 200 C-Town stores in the Northeast. Wallin called C-Town a reasonably priced chain, one that takes community relations very seriously. Each store is independently owned and operated.

Wallin was unwilling to identify the new owner. However, he said,“The owner has another very successful supermarket in the area.”

Besides brand name groceries, C-Town carries its own Krasdale Foods label. Wallin said the store will feature a deli and bakery section, and will sell prepared foods and organic foods, as well.

Wallin said his company is well aware that nearly 30 longtime employees lost their jobs or were reassigned to other stores when Foodtown closed, “We’ll take a close look at their resumes when we start accepting them in early July.”

He also said that C-Town traditionally hires staff locally, “We’re a good neighbor and we’re in for the long haul,” he said, adding, “It’s a long lease.”

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42 Responses to C-Town to move in to former Foodtown location

  1. 86Mets

    Sounds good to me.

    Sure beats another empty storefront.

    Best of luck.

  2. King Of Queens

    Anyone know what's going on with the Old Pathmark store on N.Blvd. betwen 42 and 43 streets.

  3. sm

    Looking forward - thanks for the update!

  4. matt c

    c ya there

  5. Oppressed Masses

    Great news, maybe they will put in a C Town Fresh store which have a large, outstanding produce section. I hope the new C Town will advertise in the Sunnyside Post!

  6. Tywin Lannister

    C-Town is never a supermarket a neighborhood can be proud of. They're cheap and ghetto. Take a look at where C-Towns are located: all in terrible neighborhoods. I am very disappointed

  7. susan

    yeah! as for the old Pathmark - I think I read some time ago it was going to be a Food Bazaar - not 100% sure

  8. celticparker

    I've heard the phrase "the neighborhood will be proud" a few times already in connection with the opening of a new supermarket, both before and after it was identified as C-Town. Sounds like someone is trying to convince us of something. . . .

  9. Old Woodsider

    The old Pathmark is going to be a Food Bazaar, not really great quality products.

  10. SunnysidePostHatesMe

    What a bunch of horse shit. So the owner refuses to work with Foodtown to keep it going , gets them out, only to allow another same quality Supermarket? And nobody is smelling the horse shit?

    You telling me C-Town has the money to pay the rent that Foodtown didn't have? C-Town is gonna bring the business that Foodtown didnt?

    The New Owner is clearly working with the landlord. Sleeper terror cell or drug smugling or money laundering RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES

    wake up people!

  11. SunnysideUP

    Disappointing. If its one of the same, why bother?

  12. 86Mets

    I'm also wondering how C-Town can afford the rent that Foodtown was willing to pay but was turned down by the landlord.

  13. O'shea

    @SP thanks for the timely info.
    Will this store provide me with the hot and delicious French baguettes Susie and goss used to make ? Can i buy fresh make it yourself organic peanut butter, Murray's chicken, numi teas, goji berries, sweet stonyfield ice cream, and natures path cereal?
    At the least it will create non unionized jobs to fill the ones lost. Guess who will be working those jobs?

  14. Jon

    It's a promising sign to me that they see the need to redo the storefront.
    Fingers crossed.

  15. Old Woodsider

    I believe these are supermarket scams in which they file bankruptcy to reopen under different names, ie.. Pioneer was on 46th and 47th ave then closed opened again as 5 star, same crap from before, same horrible manager who just sits and does nothing. Then you have Dynasty 46th and Q blvd which then became Key Food. Remember money has to keep moving in these places....

  16. ice-nine

    oh boy, just a search and found these Williamsburg reviews...

    This aint good....


  17. YoungFeller

    I live right beside the foodtown premises and was extremely pissed off as most of the locals that frequented the foodtown were, when the landlord (with links to the other stores blocks away) decided to shaft Foodtown leaving us with out anywhere to purchase and then walk back with groceries within a reasonable distance.

    So payback is in order.

    In order to spite the landlord for getting rid of Foodtown, Im ONLY gonna shop with freshdirect.com from now on. Ill take the hit on shipping (if there is one) just to spite that person who is involved with this. We should ALL do the same.

    Fresh direct and even lowly walmart.com can deliver before 7am (if i remember, for those of us who work)

    So at least in my mind, the score is now as follows ...
    local resident 1 - landlord of former foodtown premises ZERO..

    The landlord of the premises & management of C-town should note, that not a foot will I step in to that store. EVER.

    This is 2013. We are not powerless in this.
    Who wants to join me in doing this?

  18. celticparker

    I agree with those who have asked how C-Town can afford the apparently exorbitant rent that Foodtown couldn't. I'm also struck by the new owner's point that "it's a long lease." Was Foodtown pushed out so that this C-Town could come in?

  19. Angray

    @Youngfeller - That will accomplish nothing. The landlord which you are trying to spite will get his monthly rent regardless if you shop there or not. C-town on the other hand would appreciate your business.

  20. ferdia

    I wonder how we know...
    What rent was increased to for foodtown?
    That ctown is paying that amount as has been suggested?
    That ct is paying what ft was willing to pay as has been suggested?

    There a lot to consider... and very little consideration.

  21. Oppressed Masses

    60 Minutes should look into the mysterious disappearance of Foodtown and the emergence of C Town and while they are at see if we can bring back Funky Town.

  22. Original Sunnysider

    I have to laugh that the new store will be looking at the resumes of the cashiers. Seriously? A resume for a cashier? When I worked there i filled out an app and got hired on the spot. no resume and I was still a teenager. BTW the owners are cheap a-holes so good riddance to Foodtown and welcome to the neighborhood CTown. Also the baking isle always smelled nasty by the conveyor belt and the basement was dirtier than anything else I've ever seen.

  23. celticparker

    If C-Town is going to pay less than what the landlord was going to charge Foodtown, that's makes the question of what went on here even more puzzling. Doesn't a landlord want more, rather than less, money? People around here suffer from an appalling lack of curiosity.

  24. YoungFeller

    Well if the locals don't go, I cant see people coming 8 blocks over to visit a C-Town. So, he will have a bit of a nightmare getting it rented again. It can sit vacant for all I care like the rest of that street. If thats the way landlords want to be in this area, to hell with him and them.

    P.S. C-Town should be very very wary of dealing with him.

  25. AbouttoLosemyHead

    I'd like to know who is responsible for the demo that is happening-the landlord or the tenant? There are NO DOB permits posted. Laborers are walking debris out on to the street to a random flatbed truck with no effort made to warn pedestrians of the danger posed to them. Put up some cones!! Or hire a real carting company! and do this at a reasonable hour...not 9 o'clock on a friday night!

  26. SuperWittySmitty

    So, once more there will be three supermarkets on Greenpoint within a 5-block stretch? Is this a good business move? I've been finding everything I need at Associated. It's just only groceries, after all, and the folks that work there seem just as pleasant, to me, as the ones that were at Foodtown.

  27. Roxy

    C-Town has a reputation for specialzing in low-income neighborhoods in Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. The nearest C-Town to Sunnyside is probably in the one on Broadway in Astoria, about a block west of the Broadway station for the N and Q lines. I would compare it in size, prices, and stock to Foodtown, but without offering Green Points.
    I think C-Town does offer a "member's card," which Associated in Greenpoint so far does not.

  28. Sunnyside going the wrong way

    It is foolish to think that C-Town will pay anything close to what the Katz family offered for Foodtown. But they wanted a 40-year lease for Foodtown and one can infer that C-Town will take a much shorter lease. The landlord can then tread water to see where the value of the underlying real estate goes. I'm guessing the value of that lot will go through the roof in the next 20 years.

    Where are our elected representatives when it comes to maintaining or improving our neighborhood amenities? Van Bramer holds a "too little, too late" rally in front of Foodtown for what reason? His publicity? A shoulder to cry on? The rally was completely impotent as evidenced by the fact that no member of the Katz family attended.

  29. Roxy

    C-Town stores carry the Krasdale brand of products in most of their departments:

  30. O'shea

    I will not shop there. Very satisfied with fresh direct.

  31. Listen up!

    Just to start off FoodTown never asked for a 40 year lease. Second, through various sources I have found out that the brother of the landlord owns a few C-Town supermarkets. You see anyone with a bit of money can open up a C-Town so what I am thinking is the landlord forced FoodTown out so that he can give his brother a place to open up a new store. I also find it very promising that they would offer former employees jobs but hopefully not all of them because some of them just didn't seem to care if they worked at all.

  32. Conor

    Nice to see the retail grocery spot replaced with C-Town, TM.

    Nice to see the corner of Noonan Park lit up in August, TM

    Nice to see the real housewives of Woodside protesting child labor, TM

    Nice to see the place in line is a C-Town, TM

    However, I wandered over there recently and set a match to the property. It was rigged with explosives. The metal frame melted. The C-Town site was blown away. Sucks. My name is C. My people are freezing. Smell you later!

  33. pinalty

    c-town is the perfect store for sunnyside neighborhood aka Guadalajara bario . cheap store for cheap people almost 80 % of them .

  34. Laura

    I am very happy about another grocery store opening. I live on 40th street and the the walk to Associated or Fresh n Save is dreadful in the winter. Especially with the way Greenpoint Ave comes to all the confusing intersections (the resident's know what I mean). I never know which direction a car is going to come flying from. Foodtown was always so convenient because it was on my way home from work and closer to my apartment. I was scared they were going to open another drug store in its place.

  35. Yoda

    Any update on when this is opening? Very excited to have a new supermarket in that location!

  36. Karina

    What is with that sound that is constantly going on already for two weeks from the supermarket? Is anybody else bothered by it? It is driving me crazy!!!! I would like to complain about it but I dont know where

  37. Anonymous

    I've never seen a C Town that wasn't a total dump with very low end products. They're always in shitty neighborhoods. C Town in the neighborhood is nothing to be excited about.

  38. Tony77

    People need to chill about C-Town and ghetto..it's a grocery store! And from the looks of the outside, it's gonna be a good one. If the Katz family cared about Foodtown as much as the above emails imply, then he should have renovated years ago! The food and store front looked putrid at best. If this C-Town is ghetto then, I'll take ghetto over that horrendous FT store front ANYDAY!

  39. halimeh

    good luck

  40. Resident

    Ctown is garbage, Bronx heritage ! We rather support associated and fresh and save ! That spot should be something else , we don't need another grocery store , this people from ctown

    doesn't fit here !

  41. healthy

    A mini wholefoods would have been better. There are enough yuppies in Sunnyside to afford WHOLE FOODS or trader joes. C town is crap.

  42. resident

    I live for 33 years in sunnyside but the ctown in Greenpoint the store manager or manage was horrible I was buying some stuff and a lady went to return a box of coffee guess it was open and they must have tape it he was so rude to her he threw the box on the side made a comment people like that should not work with customers we shop so how do us feel when items are spoil and out of date after seeing that I will no longer go there and I will tell my other friends not to go shop there any more they should fired that man


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Town hall meetings scheduled this week, with advice provided on snagging an affordable unit on LIC waterfront


Sept. 28, By Christian Murray

Sunnyside and Woodside residents will get their chance to learn how to apply for an affordable rental unit on the Long Island City waterfront this week.

The application period to snag an apartment in the Hunters Point South complex is expected to begin shortly and Community Board 2 leaders—along with the development company– will be holding two meetings this week telling residents how to apply,

The applicants will be aiming to get one of the 925 affordable apartments that are expected to be completed early next year.

The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 29, at the Sunnyside Community Services Center at 7pm. A second meeting will be held at the Big Six Towers on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at 7 pm.

Community Board 2 residents—who currently live in Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City—will be given priority over outside applicants on 50% of the units.

The income requirements are broad and tailored more toward middle income earners. For example, units have been set aside for individuals/families who make very little to those who make up to $190,000, based on numbers released last year by the Bloomberg administration.

For details on the meetings, see below:

HPS Town Halls Flyer 091714-1

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Sunnyside Restaurant Week kicks off October 20, more than 30 restaurants participating
Blu Orchid on Queens Blvd

Recently-opened Blu Orchid part of Sunnyside Restaurant Week

Sept. 25, By Christian Murray

Sunnyside’s second annual restaurant week is scheduled to take place next month and 32 restaurants have already signed up to participate.

The event, organized by Sunnyside Shines, aims to showcase Sunnyside as a destination for high-quality cuisine. Its goal is tempt residents to try new places and draw foodies from other parts of New York City.

The event begins on Oct. 20 and concludes on Friday, Oct. 24.

Each restaurant will serve a three course dinner menu for $25 with many offering additional lunch specials.

The participating restaurants span the globe. There will be Japanese, Turkish, Irish, Italian, Romanian, Mexican, Peruvian, French, Colombian, Filipino, Paraguayan, Tibetan, Thai, and Seasonal American food on offer.

Restaurants from Skillman Avenue through 47th Avenue have signed up this year. Last November, when Sunnyside Restaurant Week was launched, 17 restaurants took part.

“Last year’s event was a big success for neighborhood restaurants,” said Rachel Thieme, executive director, of Sunnyside Shines. “I am proud that we have doubled the number.”

Participating restaurants will also include newcomers to the Sunnyside scene—such as Tibetan Dumpling Café and Blu Orchid. Venturo and Salt & Fat, which were recently recognized as Michelin “Bib Gourmands,” will be participating again this year.

Sunnyside Shines has listed the 32 restaurants on its website. The list also includes those restaurants that have put a special menu together for Sunnyside Restaurant Week.

Restaurant week will also feature contemporary art, which will be placed at five participating restaurants. The art is being curated by No Longer Empty, a contemporary art organization, and will include work from three Sunnyside artists.

The artwork will be on display at Bucharest Restaurant, Los Verdes, PJ Horgan’s, Salt & Fat and Venturo.

“We are really looking forward to Sunnyside Restaurant Week this year,” Thieme said. However, she said: “there’s a huge problem – figuring out how to eat in all these amazing restaurants in just one week!”



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Venturo, Salt & Fat win coveted ‘Bib Gourmand’ award

Venturo sunnyside

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The Michelin Guide has just released its 2015 “Bib Gourmand” picks and Salt & Fat and Venturo were among the picks for the best value for money.

These two restaurants were the only Sunnyside restaurants to receive the highly-coveted prize. Restaurants are evaluated for excellence on a budget (defined as two courses and wine or dessert for $40 a head).

The Bib Gourmand restaurant winners are widely considered the best and most affordable restaurants in New York.

The popular Thai restaurant Ayada, located at 77-08 Woodside Avenue, also received the award.

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Sunnyside farmers market will be open all-year round, if organizers get community support

Sunnyside Farmers Market1

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The Sunnyside Greenmarket might be open all-year round if the organizers get enough support from the community.

The market, which is located on Skillman Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets, is currently open on Saturdays from May through December.

However, Jessenia Cagle, the coordinator of the market, said that the farmers are willing to come to Sunnyside all-year round. She said that she has been circulating a petition calling for market to remain open every Saturday–including during the cold winter months. So far she has 800 signatures.

The petition has recently gone online and can be found by clicking on this link:  http://conta.cc/1nxfS6H

“I think the neighborhood is ready for it,” Cagle said. “There are a lot of people in the area who like fresh, local food—and they don’t want to have to go too far to get it especially in winter.”

The market, which opened in June 2007, has been a success, Cagle said. Presently there are 16 farmers/vendors out each weekend selling items such as bread, vegetables, meat and fish.

This year the market opened a month earlier than in previous years and plenty of residents came out and bought items, Cagle said. “We were very busy, it was great,” she said.

The move to open year round would not be unprecedented in Queens. Cagle said the market in Jackson Heights, which was once seasonal, now operates all year round.

Cagle said that not all of the vegetable providers will be able to come out in winter due to the seasonal nature of their produce. However, she expects about 10 vendors will participate during the cold winter months.

“I think if we get enough support, there is a strong possibility that we will be open this winter,” she said.

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Van Bramer’s hit-and-run bill is passed by the city council
Van Bramer, xxx , Melissa Mark Viverto (Source:  Bill Alatriste)

Van Bramer, Martha Puruncajas , Melissa Mark Viverito (Source: Bill Alatriste)

Sept. 24, By Christian Murray

The city council passed legislation yesterday that would fine drivers who flee the scene of an accident up to $10,000.

The Council voted 49-0 in favor of the legislation that was introduced by Jimmy Van Bramer following three hit-and-run deaths that have occurred in Western Queens in the past year.

“I am proud to have sponsored Intro 371, the ‘Justice for Hit and Run Victims Act,’” Van Bramer said in a statement. “I was moved to introduce this bill in response to the death of three people who were killed in my district by drivers who fled the scene.”

Last September, Luis Bravo, 19, was killed crossing Broadway in Woodside. Meanwhile, Karen Pheras, 20, was struck and killed around the same time crossing Queens Plaza North. Then in March, Kumar Ragunath, 64, was killed crossing Northern Boulevard in Long Island City.

“They all lost their lives because of the unconscionable actions of reckless drivers who showed no concern for the lives of these three people,” Van Bramer said. “We will never know if one or all of them could have been saved had the drivers done the right thing: stopped their car and called 911.”

All three drivers have yet to be caught.

“It’s something you never get over,” said Bravo’s mother, Martha Puruncajas, at a recent council hearing.”The pain is unbearable, the pain stays,” she said, adding that she hopes stiffer penalties would prevent future tragedies.

Under the bill, those who leave the scene of an incident without taking action would be subject to pay a civil penalty of up to $500 if property damage stems from the incident; $1,000 to $2,000 if a person is injured; and $2,000 to $10,000 if there is serious injury or death.

Currently there are no “civil” penalties in New York City if someone flees.

Criminal penalties are determined by the state lawmakers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the bill into law. The law would take effect ninety days after he signs it.

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Sunnyside Street co-named after famous sporting arena

arenaSept. 23, By Christian Murray

City officials and boxing enthusiasts turned out Saturday for the co-naming of 45th Street to pay tribute to the now-demolished Sunnyside Garden Arena where fighters and wrestlers used to duke it out.

The Sunnyside Garden Arena, a 2,000-seat venue that was once located where Wendy’s now stands at 44-11 Queens Blvd, hosted boxing events from 1945 to 1977 during the golden years of NYC boxing. Many famous fighters from that era got their start at the arena, and it was a stepping stone to the brighter lights of Madison Square Garden.

Members of the Ring 8 Boxing Association, a group for retired boxers, unveiled the new street sign along with Dave Diamante, the official announcer at the Barclays Center, and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

Two years ago, many of the same boxing enthusiasts came out when a memorial was placed on the front lawn of Wendy’s that also marked the location.

John Edebohls, who was raised just a couple of blocks away from the arena, said when the memorial was unveiled:“This place launched many careers: Emile Griffith [middleweight world champ] and Jose Torres [light heavyweight world champ].”

The arena was where Gerry Cooney launched his professional career, Edebolhs said. Cooney would go on to fight Larry Holmes in 1982 for the heavyweight title. Cooney lost.

Luke Adams, a member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, said when the monument was unveiled that the arena was not just for boxing. “They had proms there, they made a movie there (Mr. Universe), and in 1960 John F. Kennedy had one of the first rallies of his Presidential campaign there.”

Sunnyside Gardens Arena

Sunnyside Garden Arena

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Irish Music Festival to hit Boulevard on Saturday, wounded veterans to benefit
Irish Music Festival

Irish Music Festival

Sept. 22, By Michael Florio

Eleven bars and restaurants—known as Sunnyside’s Boulevard Bars–are teaming up to host an Irish music festival this Saturday.

The eleven establishments, which are located on or near Queens Blvd, are hosting the 2nd annual Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day music festival.

The event will kick off at 6 pm, Sept. 27, with live music and drink specials at every participating bar.

The drink specials are for party goers who purchase a $10 wristband. The specials, which are available at all 11 establishments, include $3 ciders, $4 well drinks and $5 craft beers. Each bar/restaurant may also offer its own additional specials.

There will be live music, dancing, bagpipers and DJs. There will also be authentic Irish meals, such as Bar 43’s Irish festival menu, which will consist of Irish beef stew, Irish style fish and chips and an all day Irish breakfast.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to wounded veterans who are currently being treated at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Participating bars include, The Courtyard Ale House, Bar 43, McGuinness’s Saloon, PJ Horgan’s, Molly Blooms, Jack’s Fire Dept., Bliss Street Station, Arriba Arriba, The Gaslight, Sidetracks, and Maggie Mae’s.

The event will be the Boulevard of Bars’ sixth major event in the past two years. So far, it has raised more than $25,000 for charities and local organizations.

Music Lineup - Boulevard Bars-1


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Sunnyside resident documents the rise and fall of Comic Book Heaven

Comic Book Heaven from E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on Vimeo.

Sept. 22, By Christian Murray

A well-known comic store called Comic Book Heaven closed last year after being in operation for about thirty years.

Joseph Liesner, 80, the owner of the comic store (which was located at 48-14 Skillman Avenue), said last year that he decided to shut down the business since there was little interest in comic books anymore. “The store’s not making any money and, besides, I’m as old as Methuselah,” Liesner said last year, with a wide grin.

Sunnyside resident E.J. McLeavey-Fisher released this video documentary on Liesner and his store.

Liesner claimed last June that the digital age is what has killed his business.

“The kids today play video games and spend all day texting their friends,” Liesner said.  “Gone are the days when kids would collect things, like stamps and sports cards.”

Comic Book Heaven moved to Skillman Avenue three decades ago, after doing a brisk business at a flea market at the corner of Queens Blvd and Jackson Avenue.

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Rosh Hashana Beginners Experience
Click for details

Click for details

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