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Woodside toddler dies after falling from 5th floor window



A 3-year-old Queens girl died last night after falling five floors from the window of a bathroom, where she had accidentally gotten locked inside with her little sister, police said.

Rusroshi Barua was found shortly after 2:30 p.m., writhing in the snow in the courtyard of the Woodside apartment building where her family lives. She was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital, where she later died.

Rusroshi and her 2-year-old sister had somehow gotten themselves locked in the bathroom, prompting their frantic parents to summon the building superintendent.

“They called me and said the kids were locked in the bathroom,” said Hazar Addyli, the super. “I went in, and there was one.”

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  1. God help her.

  2. how do you fall out of a bathroom window? Those windows are tiny, that’s not an accident that’s either intentional or just natural selection.

  3. what street in sunnyside? all it says is 32nd Avenue!!

  4. Our bathroom window is full-sized, goes from the ceiling to the top of the tub and is on the wall inside the tub. This could have been the case here too.

  5. if the window is full sized then it should have a gate, I would sue the buildings ASS off.

  6. first of all this site does not give adequate information regarding street addresses, etc. — they never update anything — if that was the case and the window was full size then the parent’s have a right to have a gate put on the window — laws are laws and landlords do send out informaton in writing if you would like gates on your windows, if you have children under a certain age — apparently the parents did not pay attention to this

  7. SP gives adequate information and following up on every piece of info is useless.

    Sue what building? The parents are obviously new Americans……

  8. “writhing”?????????? how crass and insensitive to use this wording :(

  9. Using the word ‘writhing’ is insensitive? Hmm…don’t know if they are just trying to describe the state of the child at the time. Tragedy on many levels.

  10. Sunnyside Post is merely stating what the NY Post actually printed and distributed. In fact the NY Post offered a picture of the windows, so you can see where/how the child fell. Now THAT might be construed as insensitive. I can’t even imagine what the little girl’s parents are going through. May the little girl rest in peace now.

  11. Horrible!!!!! Why parents aren’t aware of the circumstance, that a full sized window is dangerous in many ways. May her soul rest in peace.

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