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Comment section undergoes revamp

A great deal of work goes into the reporting and writing of the Sunnysidepost.

Accuracy is important and so too is professionalism.

Unfortunately some of that professionalism is being undermined by the comment section—where some readers are posting comments that are inappropriate and irrelevant to a particular story. This is drowning out those people who have good ideas and arguments that are worth being heard.

Therefore, from this point, objectionable comments that do not deal with the topic will NOT be approved. Furthermore, there will be a tougher view on what is deemed racist or sexist.

Despite being a fervent supporter of the First Amendment, it is time for the comment section to change.

Christian Murray, editor


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  1. what if I am THINKING racist and hateful thoughts and thinking that I don’t want to be part of the Sunnyside Post Party where all people must think alike, will you come up behind me and put a bullet in my head like the dude in 1984?

    Winston Smith lives!!!

  2. Good for you. There were some clearly mentally ill folks monopolizing the comments. Difference of opinion can be expressed in a constructive adult way. That was not what was going on here. If people think that means this site is a “dictatorship” then they should move elsewhere for their free speech. We all have the freedom to start our very own hate or love filled blogs devoted to Sunnyside news. No one is stopping us. Stop complaining, or maintain your own news blog.

  3. “Mike Novak January 30, 2013 • 10:55 am
    Make everyone accountable for their words.
    Make everyone post with their real, verified names.”

    So Mike, you want us to register for freedom of speech? Imposing restrictions onto the 1st Amendment just like the 2nd, and treating everyone a criminal under these restrictions and “patriot” acts. Name Verification? So come to where I live and demand my ID and maybe issue background checks before we are allowed to type or own a computer or to think? Treat us all as criminals because of the improper actions of the few and take away our freedoms because some misuse them.

    Sorry, I thought this was the country my great-great-etc… helped create and fought for. Guess I was wrong. My family came across in 1632 and I’m sad to say this country has truly gone far astray from its aspirations during my generation.

    There may be no better country in the world to live in terms of Freedom, but that doesn’t mean we’re as free as we should be by once “inalienable” rights.

    A foreign friend of mine said a couple of decades ago how great America was because we had the freedom to burn own our flags. Sadly a few years after that Congress attempted to pass the Flag Desecration Amendment (that failed by just one vote).

    The more freedoms we allow to be taken away due to fears or closed-mindedness the more enslaved our children and theirs will become.

  4. Oh thank God! I hope this is the last batch of comments on this site and I just want to come here and read the happenings of the neighborhood. That’s what this site should be about to begin with. If anyone feels otherwise than take the time and effort to build a site that is a message board and you people can insult each other all day long on it.

  5. The blog owner is entitled to manage his comments section however he sees fit. It’s true that we have free speech but nobody else is obliged to provide you with a platform for it.

    Having said that, the charm of news blogs like this is the rough and tumble and unpredictability of the comments section – (how many times do people click back to read the main stories again as opposed to checking in on the latest comments?)

    And the diversity of opinions expressed is exciting but it seems that diversity isn’t always a good thing, even in a borough that prides itself on it.

    There are also those who only want to hear opinions that coincide with their own, those who only want their own views confirmed. There are those who denigrate people who don’t agree with them, call them names and even imply physical threats – then with breathtaking hypocrisy, lament the lack of polite discourse.

    Some commenters like to act as palace guards for favorite local politicians and have a meltdown when someone dares to criticize them. They might even want to take your name down as McCarthyite intimidation tactic.

    Obviously, this site is right up their alley, or soon will be.

    Either way, as far as who gets to say what here, it is indeed the blog owner’s call. That much I agree with many of you on. Best of luck.


  6. P.S.

    I should also add that IMO the Sunnyside Post has been absolutely indispensable for anyone wanting to know what’s happening in the Sunnyside/Woodside area.

    The site owner should be proud that it has attracted people of all backgrounds, educational levels and political persuasions; many of whom take the time to comment, even if those comments can sometimes be annoying, politically-incorrect or just plain silly. I’d say the SP fits the definition of “common ground” in that sense.

  7. I wholeheartedly support this move by Sunnyside Post. I am all for firey disagreement on the issues that arise from the stories posted here, but they should be discussions on topic and not grounded in cliches, stereotypes and conspiracy theories, all things that seem to run rampant among a handful of the commentors. I have never found Ruben’s comments funny or englightening. I think this website is a real service and the more I learn about Sunnyside after having moved here over 7 years ago, the more proud I am of this community and the more I want to become involved in its betterment. There are plenty of people who comment who have valid, informative and interesting things to say. Those whose comments fall outside of those parameters are welcome to start their own news(less) site to house all of their vitrol, ignorance and stupidity. The rest of of us with brains, compassion and common sense will stay here. Good work, Christian!

  8. …thank you …..i was deterred by some comments, thinking them inappropriate and at times offensive…..i like the idea of this site being a forum for the community to share diverse ideas in an adult,diplomatic manner…..without the nonsense….thanks again!

  9. Lucky Lou wrote: “There are plenty of people who comment who have valid, informative and interesting things to say.”

    In other words, people who agree with him.

    Lucky Lou also wrote: “Those whose comments fall outside of those parameters are welcome to start their own news(less) site to house all of their vitrol, ignorance and stupidity. ”

    In other words, anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

  10. know it’s nitpicking (and not for publication) but it is Grand Central Terminal, not Grand Central (statin). Grand Central Station is the Post Office on Lexington and 45th.

    Glad to hear you’re keeping a rein on some of the more outrageous comments. It’s easy to complain, too much effort into making things better.

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