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Erika Menendez fit for trial

Pushedtodeath1Erika Menendez, the woman accused of pushing a man to his death in front of a 7 train last month, was found fit to stand trial today by a judge in Queens after a psychiatric evaluation. Menendez allegedly admitted to investigators that she shoved 46-year-old Indian immigrant Sunando Sen onto the tracks because she hates Hindus and Muslims, and that she’s been beating them up “ever since 2001 when they put down the Twin Towers.

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  1. If it sounds crazy, and it looks crazy, it is crazy! I don’t trust these judges or the d.a’s office. I think the woman would have shoved anybody who was near the edge of the platform.

  2. I will always love my Erika we had met in Bellevue Hospital a few months ago. Just last week I told ma of our engagement and she was going to jump for joy till the police showed up on 40th. I remember also getting my butt whooped in 125 for my outspoken remarks now my kid is going through the same thing . I guess its a cycle . I am that same anti hippie Ruben the original selfless, spineless one .

  3. Juliaj,
    She is not crazy. Her cheesy butt couldn’t out run the law.judge morris always has her bs detector on. This chic needs to cool her feet in jail. :)

  4. She is a sociopath at best.

  5. Sociopath at least: but I have come to distrust d.a’s and judges.

  6. RealRuben- Your hard on for me continues to rage, better do something before they go blue.

  7. rot in prison, you disgusting excuse for a human being.

  8. If somebody is in and out of Bellvue and Elmhurst Hospital for psychiatric treatment, there is a good chance they are mentally ill. This woman was laughing wildly at her arraignment (which does not endear you to the judge). The D.A. wants a big “hate crime” prosecution – that is what this is about.

  9. I personally haven’t had a hard on since I realized that I am actually no different than my ex, Ms. Menendez. We both spit hate and insanity; I just haven’t done anything stupid yet, besides respond to this website.

  10. BIG fan of Judge Gia – have known her since 1978 and still call her a good friend. :)

  11. Ms. Menendez is just like me, if you think about it. But I don’t think anyway. Hate!

  12. Rubin- your comments lack my unique clever and witty panache. Keep trying though, maybe one day you’ll be as loved as I am .

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