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Community meets the new owners of Donovan’s Pub

James Jacobson and Dan Connor

James Jacobson (wearing blue vest) and Dan Connor (at microphone)

In July, Donovan’s Pub looked as though its days were number when its long-time owner Joe Donovan put the building and the pub up for sale.

However, two Woodside men came to the rescue saving the famous institution. They have acquired the building and Donovan’s Pub, which has been a Roosevelt Avenue landmark since 1966.

Dan Connor and James Jacobson, both with long ties to the bar/restaurant, took ownership on December 28.  Both men spoke at Thursday’s Community Board 2 meeting.

Jacobson has worked at Donovan’s for 28 years, starting out as a bus boy when he was at high school and later becoming a bar tender. Meanwhile Connor is married to Jacobson’s sister and is well known to many at the establishment.

Both men attended St. Johns Prep and own their homes in Woodside.

Donovan's Pub in Woodside Queens reopens

Donovan’s Pub

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  1. Thank goodness. I was sure there would be another Chase Bank, Starbucks or glass and steel office building.

  2. Woodside needs a reputable strip club. Far too many boys are lacking the proper initiation into man-hood.

  3. one of my favourite bars when i was in new york in the 80s i think the barmans name was victor he was a great guy happy days

  4. I will only go if they have organic beer and grass fed beef that has been blessed by a local priest.

  5. Happy Days is right. Glad to see some Woodsiders have taken the steps to keep Donovan’s in Woodside.

    …Just please get the food right, as it had gone down hill when the rumors started.

    Good luck to Dan and James on their new venture ..

  6. Great news! Glad to hear that Donovan’s will be staying open. Was saddened when it sounded like the place was closing! Had many good times there with family and friends! Remember getting sloshed there with my brother-in-law after a Jets/Falcons game at Shea Stadium. Great burgers, shepherds’ pie, swordfish, Guiness and a cozy fireplace. Good luck and much success!

  7. I am thrilled Donovan’s has been saved!!!!!!!! Coming back to Ny for a few month in January 9th & will definately ..go for a meal there with my other Woodside friends & sisters …………Beers on Me !!!!!!!!!! (O:

  8. hooray for the saving of Donovan’s !!!!!! The Murphy gals wil be visiting shortly !!!!!!

  9. Think I’ll stop in for a burger tonight!

  10. I can’t wait to get bombed there when the mets play the yankees. i always stop there on my way back to Mineola. heheheheheheheheheheh

  11. Glad to hear the news!! Linda, the Ormiston sisters will meet the Murphy sisters for a hamburger. Just let me know when you are going.

  12. @Jimmy Clarke…..the bartender you remember was indeed named Victor. Victor Bennett. Worked in Donovan’s and other local taverns for decades. He was very well liked, and the “classic” bartender. Someone who can talk and listen. Sadly Victor passed away several years ago.

  13. I will only go there if the burgers are made of immigrants and the beer is blessed with my hate.

  14. I will only go there if they have the Rubin sandwich
    I want the real Rubin Woff Woff

  15. Danny and Jimmy will restore Donovan’s to its natural beauty. Great food. Friendly staff and a real neighborhood environment. Dinovans is in good hands.

  16. Again, please stop pretending you are me.There is only ONE Ruben, and I am the one responsible for the boost in the interest in these forums, My name deserves the proper respect

    Joe..Are you calling me a Dog ?

  17. have these two men ever been in the restaurant business before and if so where was their business — just curious

  18. Glad to hear O’Donovan’s will carry on – many is the good night & Steak I had there with my friends for Birthdays/Anniversaries/Arrivals to the Us/Departures from the US/Any excuse for a Party/ back in 1987/88. Looking forward to going there again when I visit with my Husband & Family. X

  19. Wink Wink Rubbie @the real Rubin yippie guy


  21. Are the new owners retaining the staff? Anyone know?

  22. i hope not the staff was a nasty and rude crew for sure — if you did not go there all of the time they would ignore you and that is a fact my friends on here

  23. Billy O…good news Jimmy jacs and Dan connor have hired Danny Bauso as a sous chef….fact

  24. Jacs & Danny,

    Good Luck! Thank you my friends. Jacs, you are the man, I have always thought the word of you. God Bless the Jacobson family!
    Your long lost friend,
    Larry Gils

  25. I hope the new owners hire waitresses with nice hineys.

  26. to update people on here about parking why don’t these so called new owners suggest parking in st. sabastian’s parking lot — for years and years that has been where all of the donovan’s crowd parked — so what is the problem

  27. Angela, may I ask what you mean by “so called new owners”… you have reason to believe there are not new owners, if so please share. Regarding the St. Sebastian lot, that is technically private property, while people do park there, I think it would be negligent of anyone to suggest it for the benefit of their business without making an arrangement with the Parish.

  28. Right on, Woodsider.

    You want a hamburger, Angela? Go to McDonalds, you old battle axe!!

    Donovans is back!! Me, Billy O and Eugene Jonny are working the back rooms and Jimmy elephant nuts hanly is working the bar!!

    It’s 1987 all over again!!

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