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Man pushed to his death from 40th Street subway platform, perpetrator at large


By Bill Parry and Christian Murray

A man was killed Thursday night after being pushed in front of a No. 7 train at the 40th Street subway station, according to the police.

The man was standing on the platform at about 8pm and was pushed onto the tracks where he was struck by a Queens-bound train. The man has yet to be identified as his mangled body remained on the tracks as of 11:30pm.

“I heard the train screech as it was stopping and then heard this loud scream,” said Linda Santini-Tripodis, the owner of Merit Group & Associates, who was beneath the 40th Street station at the time.

“I’m never going to forget that scream for as long as I live,” Santini-Tripodis said.

The perpetrator is believed to be a female Hispanic in her 20’s, according to the NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne. She was seen pacing and mumbling by witnesses prior to the incident, Brown said. She sat on a bench by herself and waited for the 7 train to enter the station.

“The woman then jumped up and shoved a man into the path of the oncoming subway train,” Browne said, adding that “the victim did not notice her.”

Investigators do not believe the man knew his attacker.

The woman was wearing a grey, blue and white ski jacket with Nike sneakers, grey on the top with red soles, according to the police.

The Deputy Commissioner said described the perpetrator as 5’5” and heavyset with blonde or brown hair. She fled out of the station onto Queens Blvd and the police are trying to track her down.

The police said that there were no cameras on the platform, but that they would be reviewing surveillance cameras from nearby stores.

The deceased was trapped under the front of the train’s second car. “The body is severely damaged so providing a description is impossible,” Browne said.

The police were unaware of any disturbances in stores or restaurants on Queens Blvd. prior to the incident.

The number 7 train service was closed between Court Sq & 61st-Woodside Ave last night as the police investigated the scene.

This incident comes less than a month after another man was killed when he was shoved into the path of a Q train at 49th Street.


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  1. Get over yourself, Ruben…

    I am not blaming Big Pharma. I am simply suggesting that, like many here looking for answers, the use of SSRI drugs could be involved. There have been controlled studies on this issue, and results are clear. Nonetheless, I did not suggest we blame Big Pharma or ban all SSRIs because they can cause violence in less than 1% of those using them. I am promoting a discussion about them and encouraging readers to demand that more studies are done on them. Fanapt, the drug spree killer Lanza was rumored to be on, has had only ONE 4-week study conducted on it.

    Generation Rx – A Prescription for Violence (documentary)

  2. I agree. There needs to be some discussion on the effects of the many pharmaceuticals people are taking these days. Problems usually have more than one cause or contributing factor. Why is it so unacceptable to some that we look into all the possibilities?

  3. MTA complains it would cost too much to do anything with the platforms. Government doesn’t care about us, they care about the oil and war in middle east. One guy got pushed, who cares, there is someone stoning someone else in the middle of nowhere. It would not cost a billion dollars to fix our subway system, but they rather pay a billion dollar to fight a war that was not ours to begin with.. Don’t get me started on gov expenses, and MTA has the nerve to ask for more money from riders for the crappy service they provide. Just go to Japan, Europe and some of the other more advanced transit systems. They could do the gates at air-train, why not at subway? Oh wait, we got unions, it will take them 10 years to bore a simple tunnel that would take China 6 months to drill.
    United States has “it has worked, let it work the way it’s been working for 100 years” mentality. It will never change. This is why the major highways known to be accident spots, major intersections and ramps that are easily the most dangerous ones are never fixed. Nobody cares, nobody will. Unless it is an issue that will generate revenue, it will not change.

  4. Just read that the 108th knows who the perpetrator is and is looking for her in shelters and mental health clinics (where she should have been instead of on a platform).

  5. @Robert: I work with homeless people on a regular basis as a volunteer and they are usually decent people who appreciate the food we distribute to them as they have few alternatives. Yes, at times some of them are rude, smelly, intoxicated, or unappreciative and yes this is off-putting. And yes many of them have severe personal problems including addiction, mental illness, financial hardship, familial dysfunction, abuse, etc which contribute to their homelessness. But this doesn’t automatically make them “suicidal” or “terrorist.” Furthermore there is no indication at this time that the perpetrator is homeless. Be careful what you post folks. This is a horrible tragedy and we are understandably looking for answers but scapegoating and stereotyping won’t bring this man back.

  6. Sunnyside is filled with nutters. I’ve said it and will continue to say it. This has nothing to do with homelessness. This criminally insane woman obviously has relatives or somewhere to rUN to.

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