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Sunnyside resident on ‘Jeopardy’ winning streak

This is JEOPARDY! – Show Guide – This Week2

wallace_mikeMike Wallace, a Sunnyside resident, has had two successful nights on Jeopardy. While the contest was taped about 3 months ago, he is competing again tonight.

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  1. Go, Mike, Go!

  2. I think after 2 shows he was up over 40K.

  3. cool, but 2 is considered a winning streak??? haha, must be the Mets influence, they win 2 in a row qns is talking pennant

  4. The Crankies in Da Bronx will be lucky to field a complete team this year with half the players getting their AARP cards this year. I hear Nike is working on a special walker and diaper for A-Roid so he won’t soil the field again this year.

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