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Murphy’s Bar to expand next door, create a seafood restaurant


By Bill Parry

Murphy’s Bar, located at 48-20 Skillman Ave., is expanding.

Mike Murphy, the owner of Murphy’s Bar, has reached a deal to take over the property next door, Rincon Latino, an Ecuadorian nightclub that’s been there 17 years.

Murphy will team up with his manager Stephen Murphy (not related) to combine the two properties and create a bar and seafood restaurant.

The name is still the subject of debate between the two, who’ve worked on and off together for twenty years. “Between us we have over fifty years of experience in the restaurant and bar business.”

Mike, who also owns another pub/restaurant in Long Island, said that the seafood restaurant was always in the plans. “This is just stage two of the master plan,” he said.

Next doorWhen Murphy’s Bar reopened after an extensive renovation last year, he started a raw bar on the weekends.

“The neighborhood response was actually quite overwhelming,” Mike said. “I knew then that then neighborhood would welcome a seafood restaurant.”

The menu will be 80% seafood with healthy steamed and organic vegetables.

The pub will remain open during the renovation and they hope to have the restaurant open by St Patrick’s Day.

“We’re shooting for St. Patrick’s Day so we’ll have green lobsters for everyone,” Mike said.

Murphy will be looking to add more staff. “This will be successful for us and for the neighborhood,” he said.

Stephen and Mike are actively involved in the community and helped create The Skillman Project, which is an association of Skillman business owners who market the Avenue.

Mike lives in Maspeth while Stephen lives less than a block away (49th Street). “He’s got the shorter commute,” said Mike, “but I’m always here before him.”

Mike Murphy and Stephen Murphy (unrelated)

Mike Murphy and Stephen Murphy (unrelated)

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  1. sweet!

  2. Nice addition ……………..

  3. Good to see a local business expanding these days, especially in this economic climate.

    Best of luck.

  4. Awesome news!!! Can’t wait to try it!


  6. Great news! Now if only a decent business can locate in the long shutttered store on the corner across Skillman Ave.

  7. “unrelated” – to what?

  8. Is the seafood going to be fresh from the East River?

  9. Edgar….that is the kind of comment that we expect from Ruben. ;-)

  10. Great place – tell them to try different bands sometimes.

  11. What’s wrong with the bands? The music there is great!

  12. anything thats not latino with fluorescent paper signs is fine w me.

  13. Green lobsters?

    I think there might be a few of those in the Gowanus Canal. They glow as well I believe.

  14. This is great news from two great guys, sampled some of your dishes at Taste of Sunnyside and the sandy benifit , good luck – can’t wait.

  15. They could vary the music a bit although that Martin is a charmer.

  16. Beautiful women hang out by the bar.

  17. Is the seafood going to be fresh from the East River?

    oh wait… someone beat me to it. bastard

  18. This is great news …but I hope they tidy up the outside of the building. It’s looks so 70s and rundown.

  19. What’s Mike’s restaurant out on Long Island? I’m from Babylon. Curious.

  20. John from Babylon. The details are as follows.

    Murphy’s Bar & Grill
    234 Old Country Road, Mineola

  21. Mazel Tov!!!! Good luck guys

  22. @almighty one percenter

    How much more racist can u be?

  23. PLEASE …. bring in Stone Crab!!!! Better than lobster any day!!

  24. Wrong Know_Where_to_Run!

    The only things that swim in the Gowanus Canal are Coney Island Whitefish.

    There is a better variety around the Hook or in back of the Point off BA beach.

    Eat at your own risk!

  25. I am really excited about having a seafood focused place in the neighborhood. I wish the Murphy’s lots of luck and look forward to trying it out!

  26. Oyster Bar Attract the closet for mic

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