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Queens County Market in Sunnyside Saturday


The Queens County Market has organized an event at Quaint Restaurant Saturday, where attendees can buy gifts from Queens-based chefs.

The Queens County Market has brought together a collection of venders– from bakers, farmers, to culinary entrepreneurs. Ten vendors are scheduled to sell their wares– including a Chai tea purveyor, brownie-pop baker and an ice cream maker.

The event will take place at Quaint from 12 pm and 4 pm, at 46-10 Skillman Ave.

Tim Chen, the owner of Quaint, said the restaurant will offer bar service during the event.

Queens County Market is not new to the area. “They had an event last year at the Sunnyside Community Center,” Chen said.

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  2. “They gunna put y’all back in chains” – Joe Bite me Biden.

  3. edible gifts? cool, my girl likes body frosting – a little early for valentines day, no?? they gonna have edible gummi panties?

  4. JuliaJ- keeping it classy.

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  6. FACT: A lot of “White People” ARE ethnic. ;-)

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