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Sunnyside cop pleads guilty to illegally transporting M-16 rifles

A Sunnyside resident who was an officer with the NYPD pled guilty yesterday to participating in a scheme to illegally transport firearms, including M-16 rifles and handguns, across state lines, according to the US Attorney’s office.

Ali Oklu, 36, was an active duty NYPD officer when he transported firearms and stolen goods across state lines, according to the complaint. The firearms Oklu helped transport included three M-16 rifles, one shotgun, and 16 handguns, the majority of which had been defaced to remove or alter the serial numbers, and all of which had been rendered inoperable, according to the complaint.

Oklu pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to transport firearms interstate and one count of conspiracy to transport and receive stolen goods interstate. He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in March. In addition, Oklu has agreed to a money judgment of $35,000 which represents the amount of his crime proceeds.

The goods he helped transport, according to the US Attorney’s office, included 12 slot machines and thousands of cartons of cigarettes, as well as various counterfeit merchandise.  In total, the goods that Oklu and his co-conspirators illegally transported carried a street value of approximately $1 million.

These crimes took place from September 2010 to October 2011.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement: “With Ali Oklu’s plea … the fine men and women of the NYPD … can put this sordid chapter behind them.”

For a copy of the criminal complaint, please click here.

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  1. Maybe this guy can help find the killers of Mr. Rispoli. It takes a criminal to find a criminal.

  2. sunnyside’s finest

  3. With coworkers like Mr.Ali who needs enemies?

  4. Guns don’t kill people.

    Bullets kill people.

  5. He never transported any Guns only Maso did …. the stolen goods where the FBI,s Cigarettes that where never stolen … This whole thing was a setup by the FBI so an illegal can stay in this country… Don’t believe everything that you read .. it was go to trial and face 9 years or take 36 months…

  6. Reguardless he’s scum who disgraced the uniform.

  7. Setup. Spoken like every bum that has ever been arrested.

  8. K,
    what is an illegal that can stay in this country? I don’t see the link

  9. that’s what happened when NYC lowered the standards so any mutt could become an NYC police officer!

  10. Criminals would think twice about robbing and rapping if they were stuck down by one of these in a home. Too bad only the laws make criminals. Drug dealers will get these… so just give them out to everyone to level the playing field. A carry town is a polite town.

  11. @ Susan
    Pls contain your thorough racism. It is unbecoming.
    The nypd has problems with getting good officers because the pay sucks.

  12. come on, yeah with overtime and parade duty there aint a cop making under 100 grand !!!!

  13. Seriously, the average NYC cop made over 100,000 dollars in 2012? Or is this hyperbole? Do they earn more than firemen?

  14. NYPD Benefits & Salary Overview:

    Plus pension, bitchezzzzz!

  15. so after 5 years, 90K + overtime
    cant beat that sweet deal!!

  16. So the median salary of a NYC cop is how much? Over 100,000 a year?

    And really, Craic, is that necessary?

  17. You want the job? Take the test.

  18. @SuperWittySmitty: Tis it is! I love to see the fat chicks in officer uniforms. I feel so protected… from junk food because they’ll eat it for me.

  19. Craic, I meant this: “bitchezzzzz!”

    It’s offensive to many people and I think you could communicate just as well without using this type on language in this kind of forum.

  20. Nah! Freedom to say bitchezzzz, bitchezzzzz!

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