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Prison for Woodside burglar

A Woodside man was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to a burglary spree that resulted in three police officers and a Queens resident being injured.

William Agosto, 45, of 31-14 69th Street, and his wife Lydia Cordero-Bueno, 43, from Middletown, NY, broke into three houses–one in Elmhurst, another in Woodside and the third in Middle Village.

Richard A. Brown, the Queens District Attorney, announced today that Agosto was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of second-degree attempted burglary and second-degree assault.

Meanwhile, Cordero-Bueno received a conditional discharge earlier this month after pleading guilty to third-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

According to Brown, the police observed Agosto and Cordero-Bueno driving a white van on August 31st, before Agosto stepped out of the vehicle and approached a residential home located on 54th Ave. in Elmhurst. Agosto then scaled a side fence and entered the rear of the residence before shortly re-emerging from the house and throwing five bags over the fence.  His wife was in the van and acted as a lookout.

When police officers attempted to stop the defendants’ in their van at Corona Avenue and 91st Place, Agosto and Cordero-Bueno fled the scene in their vehicle, crashing into three vehicles that were stuck in traffic.

Several blocks later, at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Ireland Street, the defendants’ van struck an unmarked vehicle occupied by a police officer and sergeant which, in turn, struck a Mercedes Benz due to the impact of Agosto’s van.  As a result of the collisions, both police officers and a passenger in the Mercedes suffered injuries.

When a police officer attempted to remove Agosto from the van, the defendant struggled and fought back, causing Officer Jason Petri to suffer a laceration to his leg which required stitches and a dislocated finger, each of which was treated at a local Queens hospital.

At the time of Agosto and Cordero-Bueno’s arrest, police recovered the property belonging to the 54th Avenue homeowner, as well as property from two burglaries that occurred on 64th Street in Woodside and on Juniper Boulevard in Middle Village, earlier in the month.  The total value of the recovered property – watches, jewelry, camera equipment and an assortment of electronics – exceeded $15,000.

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  1. I have a poster on my fire escape window that says “if you enter my apartment, I have the legal right to end you…just sayin'”

    the muslims got at least ONE thing right, Thieves need their hands cut off.

  2. Ruben…..
    You don’t have that right. You are legally justified to take a life only if yours is in danger. A burguler unless he threatens you cannot be killed …only in self -defense. I suggest you focus on the “positive”. Vent love and tolerance instead of anger. its good that these people were caught…lets give them a fair trial and if they are found guilty …a sentence commensurate with the crime. Thats justice.

  3. If there’s one thing I fear it’s White Castle Law.

  4. Thomas, you are a hippie plain and simple. If a stranger comes to your home you don’t see that as an immediate threat? You are telling me you will stand there and wait for even more threat? it’s people like you I see sitting next to mentally unstable people on a train or bus “enduring the situation”

    you’re also the people I see get stabbed in the eye by a homeless person on the news., someone comes into my home that is a threat and I am going to treat it as such, That is the law of nature. My right to live.

    stinkin hippie.

  5. Ruben…..

    Why do you find it nessacery to resort to name calling. I am reciting the law. If you are not happy with the statute write your state assembly man and see if they can submit a bill to make murder justifiable in cases of crimnal trespass. I doubt you will be succesful…. I would not stand there….I might asses the situation and comply with the intruder or may subdue him if I am physically capable or I may flee into the bathroom and lock the door. Hopefully I will never be faced with that decision. You need to find out why you are so angry…I will keep you in my thoughts and send positive energy your way. I suggest you read up on the Buddist way of life ….there may be much for you to gleam….good luck!

  6. Yup, Total hippie.

  7. Thomas, I hope you never walk in on a robbery in progress! There are a bunch of burglaries/robberies the 108th should work on -and they should have a chat with the well to do lads who live in Sunnyside Gardens. They know a lot about robberies! I am thinking of the crew that lives on 46th Street. They hide behind their negligent parents.

  8. Ruben and Julia

    Once a Rabbi asked his students ” When can we know that the night has ended and the day begun?”
    Some answered the obvious, some remained quiet…the Rabbi then said

    “It is the moment when you can look at a face never seen before and recognize the stranger as a brother or sister”.

    Even a thief can be a brother or sister. Regardless they are troubled individuals….however that does not mean they cannot be held to account…..they must. They must accept responsibility for their actions. Most of all they deserve the justice due them and their victim.

    Further violence begets further violence and so on.

  9. If somebody is breaking into my house, I’ll assume that person is willing to harm me and my family and take appropriate action. I’ll worry about the legal nitpicking after we’re all safe.

  10. @JuliaJ are you Raquel’s sister? Or Raquel? I was wondering where some original posters went. Raquel had been blaming those kids for all the break-ins in the hood. Turns out the police arrested someone else. Maybe you should speak to the parents of this gang. Or are they in on it?

    Where’s Sunnysider? Roger the shrubber? Krissi? Seems many have been turned off by the vitriol of many posts here. I miss Raquel. She made me mad but she had passion.

  11. Kill All Criminals. Problem Solved.

  12. Roger the Shrubber is at a garden party.

  13. Sorry, Thomas, but you’re wrong about what you can do in such a situation.

    If someone breaks into your home, you are legally permitted to use lethal force and you have no duty to retreat. Once that perpetrator is inside of your house you have every right to shoot to kill without hesitation.

    I would rather err on the side of saving my own life or the lives of my family than hesitate and end up having your rabbi say a prayer in our memory.

  14. Article 35 of the NY Penal Law – Justification

    “A person in possession or control of, or licensed or privileged to
    be in, a dwelling or an occupied building, who reasonably believes that
    another person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary of such
    dwelling or building, may use deadly physical force upon such other
    person when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to
    prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of such burglary.”

  15. It’s a shame we have to cite obscure bits of law when any decent human being knows damn well that a person has the moral right to defend his home and family even if that includes using deadly force against an intruder.

    You break into someone’s home and you get a bullet in the head, too bad. Don’t break into someone’s home.

  16. A burglar broke into the apartment of my friend’s girlfriend years ago. The girlfriend had three Rottweiler’s. No more burglars in her apartment and that burglar met an untimely demise…

  17. That is one stupid burglar.

  18. Too bad his wife will not be his look out when bubba comes for him.

  19. More of the same

    ‘Reasonably believes”

    This implies that ‘one” has to feel there is no other way to prevent or stop the perpetrator…….you cannot kill someone just because he happens to be standing in your living room. Do you harbor so much deep seated anger that you are longing for the chance to harm another human being under the guise of it being “justified”

    Educate yourself……..let go of the anger….look at an issue objectively ….learn that every human life is something to hold dear…..go to your synagogue…..buddhist temple….spiritual advisor and share your feelings…..I will keep you in my thoughts

  20. Maybe Thomas can open up a congregation when Foodtown leaves. Complete with Hippie lessons on how to deal with home invasions. Intermissions will be met with vigorous bouts of Hacky Sack.

  21. sorry Thomas but you won’t catch me wasting my time going into any type of structure where people waste their time praying to a non-existent mythical man in the sky. You can judge me being an atheist in any fashion you like but I think you have seen how worthless prayer is to prevent atrocities. I will worship my glock for now since not every life is something to hold dear and end that sociopaths life who threatens me and my family in the sanctity of my home. Since you are so quick to throw about holocaust references when misrepresenting my comments on other stories how about answering this: Were the nazis lives something “to hold dear”?

  22. Thomas, you really should take off that halo and come down off your high horse.

    I feel bad for your family. You obviously aren’t willing to do the utmost in defending them from physical harm. But at least you still have your pompous sanctimony.

  23. No self respecting woman would put herself in danger by being with this cloud walking hippie.

  24. My goodness is your position strengthened by invective? Name calling and insults do not add anything to the point you are trying to make….I would be more inclined to consider your point of view if you make a dispassionate civil arguement for such ideas. Yes I am religious….your not….ok thats your right …why insult God? What did the almighty have to do with this burgler being apprehended? I certainly would defend my family……but I would use my intellect first….asses the situation…then react. As far as the nazis….yes they were human beings….misguided…..and many duped by that madman. I would recomend you tread carefully on this topic as anything derogatory can be considered “hate speech” which is a crime to engage in.

  25. Thomas wrote:

    “I might asses the situation and comply with the intruder or may subdue him if I am physically capable or I may flee into the bathroom and lock the door. ”

    Lock yourself in the bathroom like some teenage girl upset about breaking up with her boyfriend?

    Good grief, you couldn’t be more of a wimp or less of a man.

  26. “hate speech” You’re (note not your) an idiot.

  27. @Thomas.
    Please hit spell check before you post. Mr. Intellectual, there is a difference between your, yours and you’re.

  28. I’m sorry if you find my grammer offensive. I suppose some people if they cannot defend their position will resort to name calling and insults. Do you believe yourself to be such a “man” that no intruder can pose a threat to you? I think you may be spending too much time in front of the television, again I state that every human life is valuable….the nazis murdered six million of my fellow souls. this is a fact….that is what hate does……….English was my second language but I am fluent in French, German and Spanish. I make it a point to study other cultures, I read and am determined to be a tolerant human being.

  29. Educate yourselves! That is the only way to counter the intolerance found on thi site. I suggest beggining with elie wiesel, victor frankel…..and the teachings of the Buddha

  30. @Thomas

    You consider yourself “tolerant” and that sounds all very noble and “progressive” and but unfortunately there are some things in this world that should not be tolerated.

  31. Tempus Fugit, O’Shea, Ruben…..

    Such men…..may I ask? What if instead of a single intruder there were 3 or 4? Would your self professed physical prowess enable you to overcome such a multiple of attackers? Would it not be wise to asses a situation before reacting? Perhaps by assuming a proactive response you further endanger your family? Yes, I would try to subdue an attacker if I were physically capable…..would I kill him? Only if there was no other choice. And no I am not the toughest man in the world nor is my definition of what constitutes a “man” depend upon his physical attributes. Our intellect and reason seperates the “man” from beast. I submit to you ….stop the posturing and bluster… one knows how they would react in any life or death situation until faced with it……..educate yourselves!

  32. Hey Thomas……
    Are you single? lol! don’t waste your time posting on this site. Your obviously coming from a different place. These other guys are watching too much wrestling or Steven Seagal movies. I doubt they ever pick up a book or help their fellow man.

  33. I help my fellow man everyday. I actually pay taxes.

  34. @Carol

    If you are so well read, why don’t you know the difference between “your” and “you’re”?

    You’re just another another pseudo intellectual hypocrite.

  35. If I am ever robbed again, I will quote Budha to the robber (after I shoot him). LOL!

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