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Sunnyside Shines (BID) hires new executive director

By Bill Parry

Sunnyside Shines announced last week that it had hired Rachel Thieme as its new executive director.

Thieme, a 32-year-old native of Seattle, started work on Monday after several years working in the non-profit and public sector. She replaces James Bray, who left in September after being there 2 1/2 years.

Thieme’s role will be to promote restaurants and stores in the Sunnyside business improvement district—which covers Queens Boulevard (38th to 49th Street) and Greenpoint Ave. (from 43rd to 48th Streets).

This will be her first time running a business improvement district.

Thieme started her career working for the San Francisco Food Bank, where she was a program manager in charge of distributing food.

After five years at the food bank, she moved to New York and earned a masters degree at the Pratt Institute in the field of City and Regional Planning.

Upon graduating, Thieme went to work for the Brooklyn Economic Development Corp. for about a year coordinating Brooklyn-based Business Improvement Districts.

Her last job was as a project manager at Innovations in Technology for 2 ½ years, dealing with public transit technology.

“I got interested in economic development at Pratt,” Thieme said, who lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Thieme said her first priority is to reach out to local business leaders and residents for input. “I don’t want to plan anything in a vacuum,” she said. “I’d like to get an idea of what the community wants and needs.”

Thieme said she plans to update the website and social media presence so the community can be better informed.

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  1. Well good luck to her!

    I actually think I might be good for this job… something to consider in the future :-)

  2. All the negative blogs have nothing to do with Ms. Thieme, just the fustration that is felt with Sunnyside Shines BID group everytime they bring in another stooge from the outside of our neighborhood.

    President Board of Director Vogt listed James Bray’s annual salary was $41, 600 for his 2 1/2 years of work. I would like to see a show of hands if anyone believes he really did work, to go home after his tenure $100,000

    The Woodside/ Sunnyside Thanksgiving food pantry lines were 4 to 5 deep and several blocks long isn’t there a better way to spend this money. If the President of BID would actively search he would see 1 Ph.d, masters and college graduates that are out of work.

    I just hope not to see annual Christmas parties at Dazies that home addresses are in majority Long Island, Forest Hills and one in Virginia who all they bring to the table is appetites. It does say something about the exclusivity of the area.

    Remember we all are watching!

  3. Dear Ms. Thieme,

    Ignore the cowards and haters who hide behind false names.

    You have a mighty task ahead of you.

    Your predecessor was not the best of caretakers. I witnessed this firsthand at a meeting that I attended when he was asked is he would commit a small percentage of the revenue the BID collects to remove gaffitti from the storefronts in the BID.

    He said, “Thats the city’s job. We are not spending any money on graffitti removal”

    That is only one of the many problems, and overall general bad feelings about the BID that you have inherited.

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you can evolve the BID into a successful one that cares more about the businesses and people of Sunnyside rather than just collecting fees and cashing paychecks.

    Thank you

  4. Krissi,

    As someone who did not have a problem with, and even defended sleazy business owner Maluf, (former owner of the Bliss restaurant on 46th & Skillman) for lying to his landlord and passing bad checks as he screwed her out of nearly a years rent for his storefront space, you would the last person I would want running the BID.

  5. Can always count on Mike Novak to whip out the hate card when you don’t agree with him.

  6. Ruben….
    Where does this contempt for others come from? You stereotype people in the same manner by which you accuse them? Your rants seem to be manifestations of emotional or inferiority disorder. Its up to you to decide wether to welcome others and be a part of the Sunnyside community. Hannukah season is upon us along with Kwanzaa and other Holidays…its time to reflect…..good luck and God bless!

  7. Mike Novak is stuck on Maluf! Again! Let it go, Mike. I predict the current holder of the Bid job will leave within one year.

  8. Mr. Novak….
    Unless you were a party to the lease between Mr. Maluf and the “landlord” how can you cast aspersions on the reputation of someone based upon hearsay or one side of the story. A lease is a contract maybe both parties were at fault or Mr. Maluf simply could not afford to pay. Lets wish the new BID represetative the best of luck….maybe she will surprise you! Think and educate yourself on the issues!

  9. Things people get worked up about.

    Novak – Maluf & dog crap
    Oppressed – Dogs
    Duro – MTA & Dogs
    Ruben – Hipster/hippies, Latinos

    What I can remember off the bat.

  10. Thomas “Last name unknown”,

    I have been good friends with Dorothy Moorehead for thirty years. I know the facts of the case, its obvious that you do not.

    Have a nice day.

  11. I assume ‘Dorothy Moorehead” is the owner of the property? Therefore you prove my point that your biased in her favor. Maybe she made a bad deal or did’nt follow thru on her end of the bargain. Before I slander this “Maluf” I would like to hear his version.

  12. Mr. Novack
    why are you so compelled to interfere in a dispute of which you are not invovled? Are you a shill for the owner…..if she has a legitimate grievance let her addres it before the court. I feel sory for you that your life is so devoid of any pursuit that you must attach yourself to this futile slander…….

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