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Nail salon to open at prime Skillman Ave. location

Many residents had hoped that a new restaurant would open at 46-04 Skillman Ave.

Not so. The vacant space, which was former location of the Romanian Garden, is going to be a nail salon, according to workers on the site.

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  1. The rent was too expensive…something like $8000.00 per month….what local restaurant can afford such a sum?

  2. How can a nail salon afford it ……???????????????

  3. Seriously!! Another nail saloon?????

  4. WHY????? Isn’t there a nail salon right across the street on Skillman??? There are some up on the Boulevard too.


    Let’s petition for tacos and margaritas (or a book store…more of a long shot).

  5. WTF! NO. Boycott that place and shutter them in 6 months. If they stay alive I suggest them as a money laundering front. F THAT.

  6. A sad implication in this article. To speak of the nail salon as negative is unfair the incoming business owners – it’s obviously a product of the community’s business needs. If the nail salon lacks clients, then it will close. If you ate more @ Romanian Garden – it would have been a thriving business that remained open. Think about that next time you have dinner.

    Nail salon equals money laundering? Wow that’s ignorant. Hard working entrepreneurs who can save to open a business to fulfill the American Dream are money launderers? That’s a disgusting comment – why don’t you use your savings and open a restaurant and save Skillman Avenue?

  7. I believe these places are just open as fronts for drug selling and money laundering. Just like that terrorist sleeper cell store that left and became a TD bank

  8. Is there that much money laundering and drug sales taking place in Sunnyside?

  9. If you want to buy books, Rite-Aid, CVS and Duane Reade sell all the popular best-sellers. The charity shops sell used books and there’s always the two local public libraries.

    A Barnes & Noble or Shakespeare and Co. type bookstore just wouldn’t survive in Sunnyside.

  10. @Fingers Romanian Garden seems to do substantial business from what I can tell. With a name like Fingers you seem connected which is sad as putting a nail salon on Skillman is a great injustice to the strip. A restaurant or boutique should be there. This neighborhood has been a family run district for a very long time and these properties need to remain as such. A nail salon, no matter who runs it or the quality of service it provides undermines the growth of the area. Even RUBEN will agree that a takeout restaurant is far more beneficial to the area than another nail salon.

  11. This is Barry HUSSEIN Obama’s economy lol

  12. Well, that’s a letdown. It feels like a letdown because we already have plenty of nail salon options nearby and it’s the perfect spot for something interesting.

    Sunnyside is ready for something more, something new. The neighborhood is slowly changing and I think there are a growing number of residents who are anxious for a quickened pace (myself included). I’m excited for the day that Skillman Avenue is home to a large, diverse collection of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops of the caliber and atmosphere that make them compelling establishments. Which isn’t to say that that type of development or collection of businesses isn’t already present on Skillman Avenue (albeit in very small numbers). It is to say, the area is rife with opportunity, the would-be patrons are ready and waiting, and the demands of a changing neighborhood require that new businesses bring something interesting, not redundant, to the table.

  13. Even I agree Local Hamburgler… Even I agree.

  14. There seems to be something very wrong here. How can a salon survive here with the rent requested? What treachery lurks in our mist? Where is David Patreaus when we need him? A James Bond adventure in the making. Oops, I just lost part of my nail on the desk drawer. I will need to visit when opening day arrives. J. E. Hoover

  15. i agree with everyone else, there’s way too many nail salons in sunnyside. i don’t know what type of store should’ve opened there, but at least something different.

  16. It is plausible for a salon to afford such a rent. It must average 80 jobs/ day. :)

  17. in other news: another store front will be shuttered on skillman avenue in 9-12 months.

    in the classifieds: nail salon equipment and supplies for sale; barely used!

  18. Some nail salons, not necessarily in Sunnyside/Woodide, are rumored to have backrooms where sexual services are available.

  19. Oh who cares you prudes so a little sex in the backroom…. oh please anything better than that dump Romanian Garden with all those sleazy Eastern Europeans hanging out in front. You have all been besmirched.

  20. @86 mets those “charity” stores that u mention are also a front. I walked into one of then one day and asked the owner what percentage of his profits go to charity and which charity he was affiliated with and he just gave me a blank look and had no answer. I guess charity begins at home.HIS HOME!!!

  21. In other, less prurient news, O’Shea did the maths…
    We can only surmise that O’Shea is a mega-deviant…at least that’s the case if we hold him to his own public standards.

  22. @Long Time…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the charity shop is some sort of front. The topic I was dealing with was where one can buy books.

  23. There was an independent bookstore in Astoria. It shut down last year. Queens for whatever reason doesn’t seem to have the bookstore culture that Brooklyn has (I can think of at least three independent bookstores in Brooklyn). The only bookstores in Queens that I’m aware of are B&N in Forest Hills and the now closed Borders in Glendale (Atlas Park?)

    Where to get books in the neighborhood? 1.) the library. If your local branch doesn’t have it, look online to see if the Queens Library system has it, and put in a request for it and it will be sent to your local branch. 2.) Both thrift shops on Greenpoint Ave have books in the back. The larger one closer to the Jehovah’s Witness Hall has more. The thrift shop on Queens Blvd also has books in bins on the sidewalk. I’ve picked up any number of good reads at all three, and dropped off a lot of good books I just wasn’t likely to revisit again at thrift shops.

  24. Nick shady
    Congrats, you have won the redstripe bigwords award today.

  25. A clothing store/boutique would be great. There used to be a nifty one on 43rd Avenue, I believe with 43rd Street. We don’t need another nail salon!!!! How many times can you get your nails done in one week? This is ridiculous!!!

  26. I say Mazel-Tov…..if they can afford the rent and want to become vibrant members of the Sunnyside family….lets all wish them well. Please no more stereotypes about money launderers or people of Eastern European descent that is intolerant.

  27. How is this a “prime location” with Nail/Hair Studio Design right across the street at 46-27 Skillman? And they have seen their customers dwindle over time so what makes being directly across the Skillman such a desirable location? Generally the nail salons are Korean owned and they are good business people (they managed to take over Hunts Point Market) so I just don’t get opening up directly across from the same type of business.

  28. Isn’t there a nail place right across the street?

    Also the old Romanian Garden was in a pretty big place. I can’t imagine a nail salon in a big space like that.

  29. More of the same

    Who are “they” “take over” my grandfather a holocaust survivor opened a business and was treated with the same intolerance…..only through sheer hard work and self determination did he make it in this country. “You” need to look at yourself and see where your bias comes from…I suggest reading books on the holocaust….and be so quick to judge others

  30. Let’s not get so sensitive, Thomas! We do not need another nail salon or hair salon! We have tons of them, as is. We also have lots of bars and restaurants. I don’t see how all these nail salons can stay in business.

  31. Thomas,

    I don’t understand why you are suggesting reading books on the holocaust. My comment was complimentary to the Korean community who had made hard work a staple of their lives here and have thrived with nail salons and green grocers. My point was the overwhelming majority of these businesses are Korean owned and it is unusual to see someone take the financial risk of opening a nail salon directly across the street from another nail salon.

    That’s not a bias and certainly has absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust.

  32. More of the same

    “Generally the nail salons are Korean owned and they are good business people (they managed to take over Hunts Point Market)”

    “they” are good business people as opposed to “who”? You are perpetuating a sterotype. I refer to the Holocaust because it was the same stereotyping and bias which led to the eventual death of more than six million people. We are all human beings endowed by the creator with the same ability to excel. I would die for your right to voice your opinion but not a bias steeped in ignorance.
    This is a nail salon….why are you so upset about it? Why is it so hard for you to wish them well….because they open across the street from a similar business? Thats called “competition”….you should educate yourself on the free market system.

  33. Thomas,

    So me saying that the Korean community traditionally has been hard working business owners contributing to their neighborhoods is tantamount to stereotyping them and akin to the Holocaust? Sorry but you obviously have your own overriding thoughts on life……..

    It’s not a matter of wishing them well its simply a question posed as to why a nail salon would want to pay those high rents just to be across the street from another nail salon.

    As an aside, sorry but I don’t go for that nonsense about the “creator” endowing everyone with the same ability to excel. There is a reason some people practice saying “do you want fries with that” while others own the franchise. We are not all the same with the same abilities and there is nothing wrong with that. The bigger problem lies with people believing that some “creator” controls their lives and thinking they can pray their way to a better existence but that is a topic for a different story…..

  34. Another nail salon? This is a joke, right? I guess Skillman is no longer “prime real estate”. And we do have lots of restaurants. We could use a clothing store or a shoe store.

  35. More of the same

    Thats not what you said….you have “qualified” your remarks. You stereotyped a group of people…that is intolerance and ignorance. You imply that some people are made to “dish” out fries and others to sit and eat them. Our fore fathers thought the same some 200 years ago when they imported slaves….they too were elitists and religious. Some people are born into a circumstance upon which getting out is almost impossible…to judge someone based upon their “looks”, “name” or economic status is immoral and unethical. I invoke the horror of the Holocaust because this is how intolerance begins….one group thinks itself superior to another….as you evidenced in your last post. And yes I do believe in God and I am entitled to my belief and my life is directed by the teachings of the Torah….that does’nt mean yours has too. Whatever motivates you is fine as long as you do not disparage others.

  36. Its All True

    Great Idea….why don’t you follow up and rent the store. If you felt it makes a better clothing store or shoe store venue….why not go for it? That would be much more constructive on your part than complaining about another person siezing the moment and thru sheer initiative takes a chance and opens a nail salon. You see…its easy for you to be an arm chair critic…you have nothing to lose. Lets wish this new business well ….lets support Sunnyside, fight intolerance and bias. Remember education is the elixor of ignorance.

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