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New baby co-op launched in Sunnyside/Woodside

Susan Bachman and Jimmy

By Bill Parry

Sunnyside resident Susan Bachman and her fiancee spent the first three years of their son’s life struggling to get any time alone.

“The cost to hire a babysitter is very expensive,” Susan said.  Therefore, “We’ve only gone out three times [by ourselves] since Jimmy was born,” she said.

The couple searched for a solution, which led to a neighborhood babysitting co-op. However, there was a waiting list.

Bachman decided to start her own co-op, called SunnyBaby. It became operational earlier this month and about 10 families have joined.

The co-op works on a point exchange system where a family earns points for babysitting another member’s children. That family can then spend those points by getting a member of the group to look after their kids.

Each member needs a certificate of CPR training and a medical emergency authorization form.  They also must be willing to host a social event twice a year for the other members. “The social benefit is a real bonus,” Bachman explained, “You make friends in the neighborhood and the children make new friends and develop social skills.”

Jennifer and Mark Logan discovered the group– and recently joined.

When Jennifer had her son nine-months ago, she feared that it was going to be a long time before she and Mark would go out together. “The only time we got to go out together was on a trip to Ireland to visit Mark’s family,” she said.

However, the co-op has already brought benefits to the Logans. On a recent Friday, they enjoyed an evening together at Quaint (on Skillman Ave), and are looking forward to their next date.

The SunnyBaby co-op is open to new members (up to 25 families).  The geographic range stretches from 39th St. to 56th St., from 39th Ave. to 50th Ave.

For more information contact Susan Bachman at

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  1. Nice story, good to see neighbors banding together to help each other. Thanks to the Sunnyside Post for publicizing this endeavor.

  2. Great to hear something nice for a change. It all the sad news today in NY and nj it is so nice to hear a community coming together.

  3. I like this idea. Parents work so hard. They deserve some time off.

  4. Much success…great idea and happy date night to all you mom’s & dad’s! :)

  5. Just curious…how do people host social events for up to 25 families in the average-sized apartments in this neighborhood??

    Marilyn S.

  6. So excited for you! Our coop has been such a blessing for all involved, I know it will be for you, too.

  7. Thanks Mr. Parry for this lovely article! @Marilyn – The Socials are usually much smaller than 25 people because not everyone makes it to every Social. Also, if someone has an extremely small place they can hold a Mom’s Only Social or even hold the Social somewhere outside of the home.

  8. I’m not sure I’d trust my kids with people who still have AOL email addresses.

  9. How are families kicked out?

  10. Didn’t this used to be called babysitting?

    Anyway, good luck but I fear the first mishap and the lawyers and insurance brokers will ruin it.

  11. Genius idea! I’m hoping to start a family here myself… are there any Mommy groups in the area? My friend met a lot of moms and kids through a group that’s online in Bay Ridge.. they meet up at the parks and for lunch and things. Do we have that here?

  12. Congratulations Sue for coming up with a great idea for parents who cannot afford the cost of babysitting. Do not let the nay sayers deter you,there are always people willing to criticize instead of contributing.You have given us another reason to be so proud of you.

  13. If you’re looking for a new coop or a way to easily run an existing one, check out SittingAround ( Our site lets you find coops, track points, schedule sits, etc.

    Congrats on the new coop, Sue!

  14. It’s a pity that so many people lack family and friends that can babysit their kids.

  15. Congratulation’s Sue…Your Idea is Great

    I’m sure most young people in your community that don’t have family and friends close by are very happy that you thought of SunnyBaby.

    It’s not easy to make friends in a neighborhood like it was years ago.
    People are not trusting anymore.

    Children there will be growing up together, will play in the same parks, attend the same schools. Why not have the parent’s get to know each other too.

    Young couples need “Me Time” just like the kid’s need “Time Out”.
    I’m sure all that take the time to check all out and join will be very glad you pushed through with your thoughts.

    As your Aunt Gert said, all that know and Love You are very proud of you.

  16. i trust no one with my children… just never know…..

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