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Halloween dog parade planned for Sunnyside/Woodside

Skillman Pets (where the parade begins)

The Sunnyside/Woodside neighborhoods are going to the dogs.

On October 27, Woodside on the Move, a local non-profit, will be putting on it’s first annual “Woofside Halloween Pet Parade!”

The event will kick off at Skillman Pets (49-16 Skillman Ave.) and parade goers will walk with their canines to Windmuller Park, where the day will finish at the track. Pet owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in costumes since prizes will be awarded.

Adrian Bordoni, the executive director of Woodside on the Move, said he is currently reaching out to pet shops, vets and groomers, asking them participate in the event and donate items. He has already spoken to the leader of the Sunnyside United Dog Society (SUDS), who said that many of its members will attend.

“This is going to be a huge success because there are so many dogs and pets in this neighborhood,” said Abdel Rios, the owner of Skillman Pets. He said he would be donating grab bags, costumes, carriers, doggie beds, food bowls and wee-wee pads.

Participants will receive goody bags, prizes, access to dog trainers, and workshops on animal nutrition.

The event is likely to cost up to $20 per dog, although a final amount has yet to be determined. Most of these funds would be used for community programs, as well as for local dog runs, such as the one at Windmuller Park.

Other pets are invited to attend. It is not strictly for dogs.


In other dog news, The NYDaily News recognized the work of SUDS today. Please click here.

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  1. YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love dogs, but I’m starting to think that people who own them are really weird.

  3. wow so stupid, it’s not even “cute”

    poor dogs.
    the torture.


  4. Oh PG,
    Go back to yelling at clouds. The owner has made his store a part of this community and is involved with making the area more pleasant and fun. Please list all the great things you have done for Sunnyside.

  5. Sounds like a fine idea to me. Just keep the pitbulls away from the pekingeses.

  6. “The Sunnyside/Woodside neighborhoods are going to the dogs.” Truer words were never spoken.

  7. Gotta agree with Paul. plus if you’re single this is a great way to meet the ladies.

  8. are these the same people that cry @ street fairs praising an idiotic dog halloween parade? i will not use the “hipster” word here

  9. Oh let us dog owners have some fun. I hope the funds end up going to having a sweeter dog run at Lou Lodati park.

  10. It sure beats the Halloween parade in Manhattan. That one’s a mad house. Nearly got crushed to death in the crowd.

  11. What a cute community event! Maybe I will bring my dogs… they don’t like costumes though!

  12. What time does it start?

  13. Will the dogs wear costumes?

  14. Wow, did not expect people to get up in arms over a doggie dress up. Come on–dogs don’t care. Now cats, they know when they look foolish. Very few cats would not be annoyed and indignant. As long as the costume is comfortable and safe, it’s pretty harmless. Next you’ll be saying its cruel to put your kids in costume or clothes for that matter. Let the children run naked!,r:12,s:21,i:236

  15. anyone who dresses their dog in a costume is immediately thought of as very crazy. Almost as crazy as Ruben

  16. I know plenty of people who don’t need Halloween as an excuse to costume their dogs.

  17. Wow these yuppies even got a dog costume parade. Ive lived here 31 years and not once have they had a parade for KIDS. We should.worry about.keeping kids away from drugs and keep them in school and involved in sports instead they worry about DOGS

  18. 31 yrs here and hippys are taking over. If you spend more money on your dog then yourself your a loser

  19. Actually a loser is someone that can’t spell ‘hippies’ and doesn’t know which ‘you’re’ to use.

    I am always amazed how much energy people take to complain, and, yet do NOTHING to improve their community.

    I bet if there was a story about how $100 bills were being given out, there’d be folks who would complain it wasn’t enough, not being done in the right place and that it wasn’t advertised well enough!

    If you want a Halloween Parade for children organize it! It’d be great!! But, it’s easier to whine on a webpage about this than it is do ACTUALLY do work. Try using your time more proactively.

    The store is organizing it, using it as a fundraiser. What’s the big deal?


  20. @ chris you 100 percent right! I’ve been in this neighborhood for over 40 yrs and never once has anyone thought about the kids. This park and neighborhood use to be a great place before the yuppies came in we don’t need you PEOPLE to try and change things. Change the fact that your dogs shit all over the parks baseball field and most of them are off there leashes when the parks rules clearly state no DOGS in the park. But i forgot the rules don’t apply to you yuppies. as far as the sexual predator remark i looked up what “chris” was talking about and its sad that a man like that is doing things for a park where he is not allowed to be

  21. @Chris, Maybe the kids would enjoy the dog parade? Or some people could coordinate their kid and dog. I’ve seen that in other cities, the kids think it’s a hoot. I don’t understand why you think this event would not be child or family friendly. I think spending fun creative time with your kids in a way that teaches them to love and cherish all living creatures, and to enjoy simple innocent pleasures, is a good start in sending them on a straight path in life.

  22. Yuppies and hippies are not gonna hit you over the head or rob you. I don’t care who my neighbors are as long as they are quiet, clean and not violent. Be thankful you are not having to move from a place you’ve called home for 31 years because you fear for your safety.

  23. @ woodpecker interacting the kids with the dogs sounds like a great idea. Sunnyside is like any other neighborhood we.all have bad.apples but no reason to say or mention race like Ruben does on a consisten basis. Dont generalize the ppl in the park as all the latins in Sunnyside. That’s my only riff. The Sunnyside post censors alot of things I write but never does it to the racist post. My email is if needed to be contacted

  24. @ Jayson, isnt this event donating proceeds to dog parks? Wont that help curb the yuppie puppy park poo problem? If not try shaming the owners Gothamist style with your camera phone ;-)

    Was some post censored or removed? I do not see any referece to latins in these comments or sexual predators.

    Wow how did a story about a little dog parade get so serious?

  25. I think this parade is a great idea! Our family does not own a dog (YET) and my kids have already said they want to be a part of this parade. Great way to boost sales for local businesses, hence helping the economy. ANYTHING that helps the local community and makes Sunnyside a more fun, desirable place to live. Of course, being a parent, more kids activities would be great too! Everybody should get to enjoy even the smallest aspects of life in Sunnyside!

  26. @ woodpecker there was a sexual predator comment remark about a gentleman who was in the daily news representing SUDS.. but sunnyside post deleted or censored chris’s full comment

  27. I meant to acknowledge Abdel Rios and say a special ‘Thank You’ to him for organizing such a great event for the neighborhood. Maybe the other store owners can follow in the same footsteps, but I know some already do. I have spoken to Mr. Rios and he is not only a nice man, but has assisted in finding homes for some cats/kittens. One of our children already have their Halloween costume and our daughter is still in search of hers and our neighbor is letting us ‘borrow’ their dog, as my kids are so excited about this event. I know my kids are also gently greasing the wheels so my wife and I will get them a dog much sooner than we were even talking about. I grew up in this neighborhood and my Mother was highly allergic to dogs, so we never had any pet. I will definitely buy our future pet supplies from Skillman Pets! Thanks again, Mr. Rios!

  28. Can anybody can tell exactly when, what time and from where to where its the parade going to be. Im talking about october 2012 dog parade in woodside-sunnyside queens ny. Thank you.

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