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Hundreds line up in Woodside for chance at job as ironworker

CBS News

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hundreds of people lined up in Queens Saturday for a chance at one of fifty jobs as an ironworker.

Men and women, desperate to find a job in a tough economy, are vying for a position that could eventually pay up to $100,000 a year.

Some of the applicants told CBS 2â€ēs John Schriffen that in spite of their education levels they could not find work elsewhere.

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  1. Ironworking is a grueling, dirty, and sometimes dangerous job. Apprenticeship is not for the weak, either. But without them, we wouldn’t have office buildings and bridges. It’s a scary reflection of the state of our economy that so many people are lining up for this kind of backbreaking work.

    Good luck to the ones who get in the program and especially to the ones who stick it out!

  2. Viva hope & change!

  3. Who said the economy is in recovery?

  4. @Just Looking

    Recovery has to start somewhere I suppose.

    If the Ironworker’s Union is in need of more tradesmen, that must mean there are projects going up that will put them to work.

    Projects going up mean there has been a shift in new construction, I would imagine.

    More new construction means the people who have been sitting on the big money are finally opening up their tight little fists and distributing it instead of holding onto it for some rainy day, or doomsday.

    Maybe they realized they can’t take it with them and it was doing them no good just sitting there. It takes money to make money, but you have to spend it to make it grow.

  5. I think Bliss & Skillman’s comment meant it says something not good about the economy that 500 people (or more) were lining up when there are only 50 openings. Yes, construction is taking place but there are still more people for the potential job openings that current construction levels would create. This could also mean simply that the union is replacing people who are on their way toward retiring.

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