Street co-naming: Winged Fist Way

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20 Responses to Street co-naming: Winged Fist Way

  1. Turlough McConnell

    Could there be a more fitting event to mark St. Patrick’s Day 2012 than this commemoration of Irish New York’s sports history in Sunnyside where that history took place. Ian McGowan has done us all proud with his mission to keep alive the memory of Celtic Park and the athletes who competed there known as Winged Fist. And the timing couldn’t be better — in this year of the London Olympic Games — more than a century after the success of the Winged Fist athletes at the first Olympic Games in London 1908. Congratulations to all and thanks to George Burles for capaturing the Street Sign dedication on video. This story is Irish America’s Chariots of Fire and no doubt one day it too will be an inspirational movie.

  2. SuperWittySmitty

    Do we really need a plaque, too? I guess history and Irish pride should be respected, but the name and the image are kind of awkward, I think. I guess they did things differently 100 years ago.

  3. rue43

    Congratulations Ian. Job well done.

  4. blvd_of_guinness

    St. Paddy’s Day is a week away and already the Irish are climbing the lamp posts. Give that man a gold medal.

    Love the surprise ending there.

  5. Pat

    COngrats to all for hanging in there and preserving a part of American History in Sunnyside/Woodside ..

    I remember my Dad, who came here in 1929 telling about how the Irish coming from all over the city, on a Sunday, would get off at the last stop on the #7 line
    ( then Rawson St)
    and how you could see people walking up from there to Celtic Park. Lots of ladies in long dresses and big beautiful hats .. He said “quite a sight” ..
    He watched the #7 line being built out to Flushing and raised his family
    in St Teresa’s parish …

    Good life ….

  6. Just Looking

    @ Pat Nice story, Pat, thanks. I didn’t know the train only went that far as late as 1929. When was it built out, I wonder.

  7. Mike Novak

    Thank you, Jimmy Van Bramer, for helping us remember and celebrate the overlooked accomplishments of our neighbors of the past.

  8. velociraptor

    That coop board sure isn’t too bright.

  9. Mick Rice

    What a wonderful way to remember the achievements of a wonderful group of athletes. Congratulations to all involved on such a positive endevour.

    Mick Rice
    Galway, Ireland.

  10. roger_the_shrubber

    ESPN should do a story on the I-AAC for St. Patrick’s Day. Ian, get your publicist on it.

  11. velociraptor

    Just a thought: Everybody mail a friendly post card to the coop board using the new street name.

  12. IrishSunnysider

    That’s actually a great idea velociraptor.

  13. John

    I’m not a big fan of Joe Crowley but he gave a great speech. Nice going Joe.

  14. Sunnyside of Life

    Congratulations to Ian- your persistence paid off! Good luck on the plaque, you’ve got my support. RE: The Winged Fist symbol: if the “management” was so concerned about not being perceived as aggressive or contentious, they’d be better served by dealing with the shareholders politely, courteously and efficiently.; the way that office is run on a day to day basis is far more off-putting than any sign could achieve, from what my friends in the know tell me.

  15. Richard O' Connor

    Well done Ian, what a great victory in spite of some bigoted views of the *co-op board (7) of which three d’ont even reside in Celtic Park. Just like you Ian we kept pushing foward and were successful in ousting one of our entrenched resident board members (anti – plaque)That seat is now belongs to Deirdre Feerick,a resident and a local Democratic District Leader (*she was not on the board when the plaque was voted down) Hopefully after this year’s board election the vote may come up again. Once again Ian thanks for a great day and the way it finished was so surreal-_kind’of hair standing up on your neck- – a kind’of Field of Dreams moment, after a failed attempt to uncover the sign completly.(see video here) our giant congressman Crowley could’nt reach the sign ,but you Ian started climbing up the pole.I really did’nt think you could reach it but I believe the spitits those great athletes somehow- – yes that was the huge hand of Sheridan that pushed your arse up to finally unveil WINGED FIST WAY.

  16. Patrick D

    Congrats and Kudos, Ian. Pity I missed the event, but I know that your zeal and enthusiasm will prevail to ensure the installation of an Honoring Plaque in the not-to-distant future.

  17. Walter Kehoe

    Dear Friends and Supporters of the Celtic Park Plaque

    Installing a plaque, honoring the history of Celtic Park should be done for the following reasons.

    1. It would commemorate an ethnically diverse group, who together were more than the individuals that contributed to its success; they would become a model for what Queens is today: The most ethnically diverse county in the world!

    2. Long before political correctness was even a concept, these men of various backgrounds banded together on the site of the Celtic Park apartments, to hone their individual athletic skills into a team that was among the most prolific contenders ever competing in the arena of Track and Field.

    3. It was because they celebrated their common values and not their differences that they were successful. They amassed more Olympic medals, as a group, than any amateur athletic club in the world before them.

    Had the Irish-American Athletic Club not purchased a nine acre tract of land in the 19th century from the Thompson family, and sold it intact, the two square block structures that are today the Celtic Park apartments could never have been constructed, and most certainly would not be called “Celtic Park.”

    For these reasons, alone, the commemorative plaque should be installed, proudly in Celtic Park, as a reminder of what can be accomplished when you are willing to accept others for their contributions and not reject them for their differences.

  18. c f o coileain

    well don to all concerned as a native of alittle village bohar ballina nr nenagh co tipperary the birth place of matt mc grath we say thank ye one and all for this wonderfull tribute and on the centerany of matts gold meadle win stocklom in 1912 we are so proud of them all who brought honour and glory tosunnyside woodside nypd usa ireland and on the night of the opening of london 2012 we say god bless ye all and america

  19. Rick Duro


  20. Peggy G

    Well what has happened to the sign that was put up???
    They replaced the light pole and never replaced the signs for 43rd Street, 48th Avenue or “Winged Fist Way”!!! When will they be replaced??


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