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State Sen. Gianaris: few power outages/ downed trees

Mike Gianaris, 41st street in Sunnyside

State Sen. Mike Gianaris said that there were between 100 and 200 power outages scattered throughout Western Queens but only a handful of outages in Sunnyside and Woodside. Long Island City was where most of the power cuts occurred.

Gianaris said that he got very few reports of downed trees in Sunnyside/Woodside; however, a resident did e-mail him a picture of a troubled tree on 41st Street (bet. Queens Blvd. and 43rd Ave)—which at that point leaned over the road and blocked oncoming cars, causing authorities to close part of the street.

However, the situation on 41st street was made worse when a NYC Dept. of Sanitation truck went down the closed section of street at about 5 am Monday and mowed down the flailing tree—breaking off a tree limb and leaving it strewn across the road, according to Audrey Castro, a resident who lives across the street.

Gianaris came out to Sunnyside to take a look at the tree and was surprised to hear Castro’s account. He called the Parks Dept. to make sure the tree would be taken care of and put in a call to find out who the driver of the sanitation vehicle is.

Gianaris credited the mayor for “doing a good job on this one,” adding that “he got the word out, put a plan in place and as a result there were few problems.”


The following tree was downed in Woodside Houses

Woodside Houses: source Jimmy Van Bramer

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  1. Good to see our local politicians branching out.

  2. I can’t beleaf this damage!

  3. Perhaps next year, some of them will leaf.

  4. I’ll go out on a limb here and and try to get to the root of the problem.

    Tree trunks and car trunks don’t mix.

  5. I bough to your pun skills, Roger.

  6. Local residents must ask themselves…

    What wood Van Bramer do.

  7. Be a stick in the mud? Definitely knot!

  8. Usually, JVB is taking a bough. This time, Sen. Mike did.

  9. Shady activity; sappy, too. Punny though….

  10. We should stop barkin up the tree they may fall down and be a chip off the old squarel. Nice of the sen. to be waking where a picture could be taken of him looking at our down trees. I have a tree for him to cut down and take home as a gift.

  11. After reading all that treecle I’m bushed.

  12. NYFD was out this evening around 6:30 to cut/prune the tree. It attracted quite a crowd, which I saw on my way home from work. Not sure how this is such an exciting event. People were even taking pictures. zzzzz

  13. It must have been ex-tree-mely fascinating.

  14. Maybe they thought it important to photograph “Twiggy”.

  15. You all did a tree-mendous job with your comments!

  16. Well that piece of tree in the first pic was cut short by the FDNY so the street could be reopened to traffic. I thought good job as the tree was saved but on Saturday it was removed totally (by the landlord I presume) and the street filled in with concrete.
    I thought the idea was to save trees?

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