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Bill Proposed To Limit Commercial Signage

Van Bramer wants to limiting for rent signs

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A bill before the City Council aims to improve the look of empty storefronts and businesses by curbing the number of ads posted on their windows.

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Councilman James Van Bramer is trying to limit the number of ads for retail or commercial space for rent to no more than one on each side of a vacant building.

“It’s a real quality of life concern for my constituents,” said Van Bramer. ‚ÄúThis kind of over-signage is unnecessary. It’s cluttered and part of the littering of the landscape of our neighborhoods and our cities.”

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  1. Freedom of speech includes speech that some may find annoying. Including these signs.

    How about lowering property taxes so some of these properties can be occupied?

  2. Yes, what has happened to freedom of speech?

  3. One sign on each window should be enough for anyone passing by to see that the store is for sale or rent. yet big enough that if you are in a car or a bus that you can see as well. I guees you need a phd i in signs to really make sure you do not have too many signs which is over doing it as well.

    Lets solve this easy lets all the stores stay in businees and have no sign problems. sounds too easy!

  4. @Randall

    Shredded along with the rest of the constitution. The sheep that call themselves American citizens were too busy watching sports, the Oscars and American Idol to notice their liberties being stripped away one by one.

  5. Baaa!

  6. JVB is on the case! I like it.

  7. Freedom of speech also means tolerating multiple signs. If Jimmy is so concerned about the way the neighborhood looks, he could start by trying to find out why businesses close. I was sorry that the Rose Restaurant closed about a year ago. I really liked their food. Forget the signs: concentrate on filling the stores.

  8. I agree with Randall. The time spend writing, introducing, discussing this legislation could be better spent on solutions. I haven’t heard anyone complain about signs in empty offices/stores around here. I’ve heard them complain about the empty offices/stores.

  9. Almost 10% unemployment and this is what our elected officals waste their time with. Shame.

  10. While I generally think our Councilman is great at his job, I think this is a waste of time. My block is littered daily due to lazy landlords, graffiti is plastered over our schools, homes, and stores, and empty commercial spaces line our blocks.

    And he worries about THIS?

  11. Jimmy needs to find another project: how about renting the stores and finding work for people in the private sector?

  12. I think Jimmy’s heart was in the right place here— but his brain wasn’t.
    He should know better– that there are more important things to do.

  13. Limiting the size and number of commercial signs does not violate freedom of speech.

  14. pomme1200 – some of us think that Jimmy should put his time into better endeavors!

  15. The anti-free speech fascists are on the march! Next they will be telling us not to put salt in our food. Oops – they already banned transfat!

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