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Woodside’s Eric Gioia might take Weiner’s spot

From the NY Times

New York Democrats have approached former Councilman Eric N. Gioia of Queens about running for Anthony Weiner’s seat, according to two people briefed on the conversations. Gioia, these people said, is open to the possibility. He declined to comment.

NOTE: Gioia has a campaign war chest. He generated $2.2m in contributions when he unsuccessfully ran for NYC public advocate in 2009.

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  1. I was born and raised in Sunnyside -back now for last 15 years – and Eric Gioia was by far the best representative we ever had. He brought concrete, tangible changes to Sunnyside. I’ll back him in a heartbeat.

  2. Does he have to live in the District in order to be eligible?

  3. Good man Eric Gioia ….

    …..Will get a lot of backing from Woodside/Sunnyside

    Go for it Eric …………….

  4. Might want to check his Twitter account first.

  5. Eric Gioia was a wonderful councilman and truly a class a act.

  6. Send Eric to Washington! Class act…

  7. NOTE: Gioia has a campaign war chest. He generated $2.2m in contributions when he unsuccessfully ran for NYC public advocate in 2009.

    Why didn’t he give it back? Seems like the honorable thing to do. Oh wait, we’re talking about politicians here, my bad.

  8. I would be eager to support Eric Gioia in a campagin for Congress. He worked hard for Sunnyside/Woodside and was always responsive and on top of the issues and sensitive to the needs of the community. He has what it takes to be a public servant and deserves the responsibility of representing New Yorkers in Congress.

  9. Eric Goia is a good man and a caring person. He goes the limit and that’s the kind of person we need to be in office.

  10. Don’t know much about Gioia. Outside of politics, (ie the real world) what are his accomplishments?

  11. one of his accomplishments for my family was, he helped us get 24-hour home care for my dad. he always returned phone calls.

  12. @tara

    That’s wonderful. Still doesn’t tell me about his private sector experience.

  13. don’t believe Gioia lives in that district… still eligible to run of course but I would think theres too many other Dems ahead of him in line so to speak for him to ultimately get the party support.

  14. I agree that Eric Gioia would be an excellent choice. But who would have to appoint him the govenor. Or a special election when weiner quits which I hope is soon and stop dragging his feet. It would be nice to get this news out the media we have heard enough allready.

    Is their anyone else that is squeaky clean that might be a caniddate for office . What about the councilman that lost to elizabeth crowlly in maspeth he semmed like a great candidate as well big guy cannot remember his mane. Also a democratic. What choices do we have for this office or is someone going to be given this job? Does anyone know

  15. sunnysider: No-one can be “given” the job, an election must take place. Now primary wise it’s a whole other matter…

    If he were to resign soon (within a week or two) the open seat could be contested in this November’s regular election. If that occurred there would be a Democratic Primary (as well as a Republican), with names on the ballot determined by petitioning (which has a mid July end date.)

    If he were to resign past the mid July, or if the Governor calls for a special election. The county party would pick the Democratic nominee.

    In either instance there would be a Dem Vs Republican election.

    You can read the following:

  16. @sunnysider

    Nevermind “squeaky clean” – how about somebody who just isn’t a stunted adolescent sleaze ball?

  17. Tony thanks a mllion for your education on the system I appreciate your time and making the process very clear a well

  18. Venti you thing that Eric Gioia is a sleeze ball . You are intilted to your opinion . I am not in agreement with you.

  19. Eric does NOT LIVE IN THAT DISTRICT!!!!

  20. veni: why do you think eric is a sleazeball. what made you an authority on this.

  21. A note on the NOTE.

    VVV: “Why didn’t he give it back? Seems like the honorable thing to do. Oh wait, we’re talking about politicians here, my bad.”

    Just to clarify, the 2.2 million is what Gioia raised in that cycle not what he had left on hand. According to his last filling when it was all said and done he had around 350K left. The overview of his filings can be found here:,%20Eric&office=Public%20Advocate&report=summ

    In general I’m pretty happy with NYC’s campaign financial disclosure laws, and reporting. Not perfect by any stretch, but way better then the way the State does things.

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