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Poppy Montgomery in Sunnyside Queens

Poppy Montgomery in Sunnyside Queens filming The Rememberer

Poppy Montgomery filming The Rememberer in Sunnyside

The Rememberer on Skillman Ave and 47th Street

Despite a great deal of controversy about cars being towed in Sunnyside Gardens to make way for this production, “The Rememberer” starring Poppy Montgomery  is progressing. Here is a shot taken of Montgomery while filming this morning.

Montgomery gained prominence by playing the dramatic role of FBI agent Samantha Spade in the popular TV series “Without a Trace”. She has been featured in many men’s magazines across the globe.

In The Rememberer, Montgomery plays a NYPD detective. 

The production company is planning on donating $1,000 to a local charity for inconveniencing the neighborhood. The charity has yet to be determined.

(photos: George Burles)
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  1. Who?

    Local Charity? Did we have any, or do they mean just any one of the 100 churches in 2 mile radius?

  2. Never heard of Poppy Montgomery before reading this. Is she famous, and for what?

  3. Strange name, Poppy!

  4. Did they need all the space they had blocked off? Seems they had cones in areas that were never used. Did any local business benefit from it? As stated above what charity? Neighborhoods don’t get anything from film/tv shoots except inconvenience.

  5. Who determines the amount and the destination of the “donation”?

  6. Who the hell is “Poppy Montgomery”???

    And could they pick a worse name than “The Rememberer”?

  7. How about canceling parking in the area so we can park anywhere we want rather than tow our cars. They should be eating food from our storees not bringing in food from outside our area. How about us making some money? As long as they are here let make some green

  8. $1,000?! That seems a bit low, considering that this is apparently going to be a high-grossing film with major stars. Apropos, Sunnysider is right: it would be nice if the film folks eat food from our stores and restaurants, and thereby contribute to our economy. I’d prefer that economic benefit to a token donation to charity. And if the donation is indeed made, it would be nice to know how the beneficiary was chosen.

  9. Film shoots always have their own catering, it’s not a slight to Sunnyside, it’s just the way it is. The Mayor’s Office of Film and Television approves the shoot. While I guess there’s no significant direct benefit to the neighborhood, the film shoot employs a lot of people who work behind the scenes, many of whom undoubtedly live in NYC. We live in one of the major film capitals of the world — I always get a kick out of seeing a movie or show set in our city. Better than shipping all the work to Vancouver, eh?

  10. Stop complaining and get more

  11. What’s with everyone snarking on Poppy Montgomery? She was a regular on Without a Trace. I know it was on a network nobody watched, but it did have a decent run. Look her up on IMDB if you’re interested.

  12. celticparker, “The Rememberer” (and yes, Mike Novak, it IS a terrible title) is a series for CBS coming in the fall. They’re probably shooting the pilot, with neighborhood pick-up scenes for use during the series for when they ship production out to Los Angeles (like NYPD Blue used to do each year).

    To quote Variety: ” ‘The Rememberer’ centers on a female NYPD detective who harbors the ability to remember everything she encounters.”

    So, not exactly a high-grossing film with major stars; in today’s TV market, it’ll be lucky to make it past the first three episodes before cancellation. Still, a thousand-dollar donation IS pretty small, considering it’s a network show.

  13. who cares. that is the price to pay of living in new york city.

  14. She’s hot.

  15. Samuello, if you are a Sunnysider you really should know about Sunnyside Community Services, which is, yes, a local charity. They run extensive programs for children and the elderly, emergency assistance, and provide space for local groups, like the Sunnyside CSA to do their programming. I contribute to them regularly, including donating food, furniture and appliances, and highly recommend you check them out.

  16. More than I needed to know about Poppy Montgomery. Like the more famous Hyacinth Bucket, she and her sisters were all named for flowers.

  17. The title gets much better if you add an additional “er” or two to the end. The Remberererer.

  18. I can’t stand Poppy Montgomery. I won’t be watching this, if it’s picked up by CBS.

  19. Hyacincth? No Violets in the family?

  20. This is making life hell in this neighborhood. It’s impossible to park for blocks, as cones block off entire streets. I resent that city money pays for towing of cars, to facilitate a private movie production, not to mention the police officers shooing parkers away. This is into the fourth week of disruption. The Community Board says they have received a large number of complaints, so how about a news item about that? This is a neighborhood that people live in, not a movie set.

  21. I realize that the mayors ofice brings food in for them. But they could push them to eat and buy here. Is it against the law to spend money in our area. I also think they need a better system of paying our town for using our town to film especially with all our stores with for rent signs forget giving the city moeny it shold filter down to our town. We need a merchant assoc in skillman ave to start here

  22. @Sunnysider, no the Mayor’s office doesn’t bring food in for film/tv productions. The Mayor’s office has a team that reviews/approves requests to film at outdoor locations. It’s up to production companies to arrange their own catering.

    More details are on the website.

  23. What does it mean that she has been “featured in many men’s magazines across the globe”? That is so random.

  24. They sure did have a lot of trucks, trailers and people standing around doing nothing. I thought they we post office employees for a second.

  25. @ Marilyn,

    It’s a poorly written article. It means that the actress has posed nude and semi nude in men’s magazines like Maxim, FHM, etc. I agree with you; totally random and pointless information. Who cares? How does that even relate to the pilot? Hollywood actresses just pose to get attention and recognition.

  26. Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet”) had three sisters named for flowers: Daisy, Rose, and Violet.

  27. Love it! I love the names Violet and Iris.

  28. I too was annoyed that they brought their own food in. Mostly because it was a delicious waffle cart and they wouldn’t sell me any :-(

  29. Work? Did anyone see any ACTUAL WORK? I saw fat guys sitting around for HOURS making $50 an hour DOING NOTHING but taking up valuable parking spots from real working families.

  30. not very nice to call people names.

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