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‘New American’ restaurant to open on Queens Blvd

(this photo is a rendering)

A new restaurant is opening on Queens Blvd. that will be offering “new American, small plate” cuisine, according to Daniel Yi who will be the chef.

The restaurant, which will be called Salt & Fat, is expected to open in early March. It will not be serving the standard appetizer and entree, Yi said, but small plates that people share with their friends.  

Yi will take over the space that was previously rented to Go Koong, the Korean restaurant, at 41-16 Queens Blvd.

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  1. Wow, this looks great! What a nice-looking storefront, too.

    I love the small plate idea, but Daniel, if you’re reading: Please be vegetarian-friendly! May as well make it a place for as many people as possible.

    I look forward to seeing the menu and can’t wait for this to open. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. Salt and Fat – love the name. The food fascists will hate it.

  3. Bloomberg might have a stroke if he sees this.

  4. I prefer pepper and gristle.

  5. Salt and Fat—sounds like my kind of place!

  6. Looks cute! Can’t wait to try it.

    I’m hoping there will be a cute wine/martini bar?? Getting a bit sick of pubs… and I’d also like to try something different from Claret and Bliss!

  7. Well, Cafe Marlene has a decent-sized wine list, and they’ve extended their hours later since getting their liquor license. (I’m just speaking on size of the wine list, not quality. I’m a two-buck-chuck kinda gal.)

  8. Bloomberg will try to change the name to “Transfat”!

  9. I hope this new restaurant, other than having small plates, has reasonable prices as well, plus good service. We also need someone to go in there and be a food critic to check this place out. How about this web site going back in there and doing us a favor by sampling the food plus you can put this place on the map as well so the rest of our town will eat there as well. This will be a great addition to restaurant week which is usually in the spring. Sunnyside post thanks for this update.

  10. nice. glad to see some new businesses opening on the boulevard.

  11. Wow, I cant believe Chef Daniel Yi is coming. I’ve tasted his food before and its pretty solid stuff.
    I hope it really does open in early March though.

  12. Tasted and devoured food prepared by Chef Daniel Yi at restaurants he previously cooked at. I’m a big fan of his style and taste. Definitely looking forward to checking out the new restaurant.


  14. I heard some rumors about Chef Daniel Yi. Memorable and modern. Looking forward to it and best of luck to you.

  15. so excited for this! i live less than a block away, and am just hoping it comes with a liquor license!

  16. Love the name, but why the small plates? If I’m going to eat salt and fat, I wanna eat a big plate…

  17. Yes and GLUTEN FREE !! Dessert especially :)

  18. I’ll def. be checking this place out and giving folks the 4-1-1.

  19. Small plates sounds great!

  20. The previous place – very good Korean food. Didn’t have a liquor license.

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